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West Roxbury Residential & Commercial Electrical and Generator Services

West Roxbury, MA is one of Boston’s most pleasant neighborhoods, with pints of historic importance, beautiful parks, and tree-lined streets. Our team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. is proud to offer the homes and businesses of this community our skills as electricians and generator repair technicians. Our 24-hour emergency services and staff of licensed and certified employees make us one of the top electrical and generator contractors in the area.

Do You Need an Electrician in West Roxbury, MA?

You should never attempt electrical work as a DIY project or hire amateurs to do it. To receive the best quality work possible and remain up to local codes in West Roxbury, MA, call on the professionals at FB Integrated Solutions Inc.. We are licensed electricians who will see that you receive exceptional electrical work.

We Install and Service Attic and Ceiling Fans

It is amazing how much a ceiling fan can help with providing comfort in a room and removing some of the stress from the heating and cooling system. We install and service ceiling fans that are both effective and attractive parts of a home’s décor. We also offer installation and service for attic fans to vent out heat in the summer and protect the roof from damage from ice in the winter.

We Service Central Vacuum Systems

You may not have heard of this home-improvement before, but it is a marvelous way to keep your home clean while cutting back on the physical work involved in pulling around an awkward, clumsy vacuum cleaner. Call us today to find out how we can install a central vacuum system into the wall of your home so you can easily vacuum the house with minimum fuss.

We Install and Service Circuit Breakers

If you need a circuit breaker panel installed for your new home construction, contact our electricians to schedule it. We also offer repairs for current circuit breakers and service panel upgrades to keep your home’s electrical system in tip-top shape.

We Can Handle Your Electrical Wiring Needs

Installing and repairing electrical wiring is potentially dangerous work-but not if you hire professionals. Call our team today to arrange for wiring outlets and switches, new construction wiring, or repairs and replacements to make sure that your home’s wiring stays in good condition.

We Install and Service Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors are almost a necessity in modern homes, so make sure you have professionals hook up high quality units for your home. If you use gas-powered appliances in your house, you should also have carbon monoxide detectors in place to warn against any potentially hazardous leaks. Don’t take and risks with your family’s safety: call us to schedule these services in West Roxbury, MA.

We Install and Service Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

A professional installation for indoor and outdoor lighting will heighten both the function and beauty of your property. Our electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. are glad to help you with a new lighting installation, as well as any other services you require for indoor and outdoor lights, such as replacement and repair.

We Specialize in Installing Home Automation and Home Security Systems

Home automation brings the House of the Future to your house today. A professionally installed home automation system provides convenience and energy savings. Our experts can also integrate a home security system into your home automation. Whether burglar alarm systems, security cameras, or video surveillance installation, you can entrust the job to us.

We Offer Home Theater Installation and Repair Services

Setting up a first-rate home theater requires more work than plugging in a few new appliances. For the best in home theater set-ups and home entertainment wiring, trust to our talented technicians. We have used our experience to provide many homes with entertainment systems that go beyond owners’ expectations. You can also contact us for home theater repair services.

Do You Need a Generator or Generator Service in West Roxbury?

You shouldn’t risk your family’s comfort or safety during a power loss: installing a generator to supply electricity in case of a blackout is one of the best insurance policies. At FB Integrated Solutions Inc., we offer installation and other services for top brands in West Roxbury, MA, including Briggs and Stratton, Honeywell, GE, Kohler, and Generac generators.

We Offer Generator Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

It is crucial that you schedule generator installation from experienced professionals so that you have a system that will handle your power needs without causing your electrical panel to short out. We offer quality installation for generators, as well as generator repair and regular generator maintenance.

We Can Service Your Portable Generator

Portable generators have their uses as well when it comes to smaller power needs. To keep the portable generator you use at home reliable and always ready to deliver electricity on demand, contact our service technicians.

Come to FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for Your Commercial Electrician Needs

Your business cannot run unless it has a properly functioning electrical system and effective air conditioning and heating. These are not areas where you should try to hire amateurs in order to save money. It will cost you much more money in the long run if you end up with shoddy work that leads to numerous repair issues and even electrical hazards. Go with the experienced professionals at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for the HVAC and electrical work for your business in West Roxbury, MA

Do You Need a Commercial Electrician?

You should trust the electrical work for your business, such as new wiring installation or repairs for a faulty service panel, only to licensed and experienced commercial electricians. This is important not only to keep your business running, but also to stay current with local electrical and fire codes. You will find all the skilled assistance to fill your company’s electrical needs at FB Integrated Solutions Inc..

We Service Commercial Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans to help circulate air through business space is a cost-effective way to control heating and cooling costs. But a few faulty fans will cause problems, and it’s best if you leave the repairs to experienced professionals. Call our electricians whenever you need service to keep your company’s ceiling fans turning.

We Handle Commercial Lighting Issues and Installation

Proper commercial lighting is important for the efficiency and happiness of employees, customers, and clients. If you feel your business needs a boost in its lighting, call on our services to repair and install new lights. Call our technicians in West Roxbury, MA today. The whole team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. is here to assist you with your residential and commercial needs for heating, air conditioning, generators, and electrical systems.