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Wellesley Residential & Commercial Electrical and Generator Services

Protecting the comfort, effectiveness, and energy efficiency of a home and workplace is critical, and much of this work centers on taking superb care of the electrical and generator systems therein. It requires skilled professionals to handle these jobs, starting with installation. For a full range of services in Wellesley, MA for residential and commercial electrical and generator systems, call on the licensed and certified team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc.. 

Do You Need an Electrician in Wellesley, MA?

Electricity poses major safety hazards to anyone without the proper training and equipment who attempts to work with it. Never put yourself or your family at risk when you must have electrical work done in Wellesley, MA. Contact one of our licensed electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for installation, repairs, and maintenance for all your home’s electrical needs. We carry products from top brands, such as Mr. Steam and Warmly Yours.

We Install and Service Attic and Ceiling Fans

You can help cool your house in summer and protect it during the winter with the installation of attic and ceiling fans. An attic fan will vent out the attic area to avoid causing damage to the roof during the winter and keep the temperature down in summer, while ceiling fans will take some of the pressure off your heating and cooling system by circulating air around rooms for superior comfort. Call our electricians for more information about installation and service.

We Service Central Vacuum Systems

With today’s technology, there is no reason to lug a large vacuum cleaner around your home and drag it up and down stairs in order to have a tidy interior. A central vacuum system lets you plug a lightweight cleaning attachment and hose into a wall socket and remove dust and debris into a series of ducts in the walls. Talk to our specialists today to learn more about having one of these labor-savers installed in your house.

We Install and Service Circuit Breakers

Is it time to update from an old fuse-box? Do you need a circuit breaker panel for a new home? Or do you require repairs for your current circuit breaker panel because the breakers trip too frequently? Our electricians are happy for provide repairs, new installation, and service panel upgrades to see to your needs.

We Can Handle Your Electrical Wiring Needs

If you require new construction wiring, new or replacement outlets and switches, or any other work for your home’s electrical wiring, it’s vital that you call on the most experienced professional electricians you can locate. Our licensed electricians are ready 24 hours a day to deliver you top quality electrical wiring service.

We Install and Service Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Never take chances when it comes to your family’s health and safety. Call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. today and ask about our services to install and repair smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that will give your family life-saving warnings of any danger.

We Can Install Surge Protection in Your Home

Power surges come from many more sources than just lightning strikes and downed power lines. You may have power surges in your home right now that are damaging your appliances without you realizing it. For the defense against all type of voltage fluctuation-large and small-in Wellesley, MA, put your trust in our electricians for whole-house surge protection installation.

We Install and Service Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

If the lighting either inside or outside your house is drab, ineffectual, or leading to unsafe conditions, you should call on electricians for installation, replacement, or repair work. Our team handles all these services for home lighting. Let us increase the beauty and usefulness of your property with indoor and outdoor lighting services.

We Specialize in Installing Home Automation and Home Security Systems

With proper installation of quality home automation, your home will almost think for itself-and take care of many basic tasks that will make your household safer and more energy efficient. We install home automation systems, and can include video surveillance installation, burglar alarm systems, security cameras, and other home security systems for valuable peace of mind.

We Offer Home Theater Installation and Repair Services

If you attempt to wire up your home theater on your own, you will soon discover what a bewildering task this can be. There is a short cut, however, and it’s to call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for fast, quality home theater installation and home entertainment wiring in Wellesley, MA. We will see you receive the best value from your home theater.

Do You Need a Generator or Generator Service in Wellesley, MA?

We install and service top brands of generators in Wellesley, MA: Generac, Kohler, Honeywell, and Briggs and Stratton. Come to us for installation and service that will ensure your house is protected from the threat of a long-term power outage.

We Offer Generator Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Generators are becoming an increasing necessity for homes today because of the reliance on the power grid and the risks of outages due to extreme weather conditions. Contact our team to find the right generator to install for your home. We offer not only generator installation, but also generator repair and generator maintenance to see that your back-up system is always prepared.

Come to FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for Your Commercial Electrician Needs

You can’t permit amateurs or inexperienced electricians and generator technicians to supply services for your business: this work is too important for the continued comfort and energy efficiency of your company. FB Integrated Solutions Inc. offers a full range of commercial generator and electrical services in Wellesley, MA. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Do You Need a Commercial Electrician?

A company without power is paralyzed. And a commercial electrical system without a commercial electrician will remain paralyzed. Our specialists will see that your company’s electrical power keeps flowing, whether you require new wiring installation, quick repairs, or any other service from commercial electricians.

We Handle Commercial Lighting Issues and Installation

It’s not enough to have power running to the lights: you need quality lighting to illuminate your commercial space to make it pleasant and efficient. You can look to FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for the commercial lighting installation, repair, and replacement work that will help you get the best for your company. In Wellesley, MA, you can trust us for great commercial and residential services for your heating, cooling, electrical system, and generator.