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Generators and Generator Services in Salem, MA

Invest in professional generator services to ensure you get the best possible performance and efficiency from your generator, and to make sure it’s always there for you when you need it. Make sure as well to schedule regular generator maintenance to reduce your repair needs and maintain system efficiency. Call us today to learn more about the various generator brands we sell and services we offer.

In addition to superior generator installation, FB Integrated Solutions Inc. also provides exceptional generator repair, maintenance, and replacement services throughout Salem, MA and beyond. Be sure to notify us of any generator issues right away so we can fix them ASAP. This is the only way to guarantee peace of mind that comes with having a backup plan for a power outage.

Does Your Generator Need Repair?

Is your generator failing to perform as it should? Or have you discovered that it isn’t working at all?

Let us know-our professionals can be on the case in no time, and we’ll find a solution. Your system may be suffering due to worn electrical components, leaks, or perhaps it has trouble starting up or running. There are plenty of different reasons each of these problems may occur, and our team has the training and experience to figure it out. We’ll also help you reduce the risk of costly emergency repairs with professional generator installation and maintenance.

Contact us for Automatic Standby Generators in Salem, MA

The sooner you have a new backup generator installed, the sooner you can stop worrying about the possibility of a power outage disrupting your household. Though planned outages do sometimes occur, most of the time a power outage comes without warning, and you need an automatic standby generator to switch on, so that your appliances can continue to get the power they need to function. Don’t get stuck without a heating system in the dead of winter, or without important medical devices that need electrical power to work. Call us today for your backup generator installation.

Schedule Your Whole House Generator Installation Today

One of the biggest benefits of owning and operating a whole house generator is the peace of mind it will offer you. Even if you never have to face a significant power outage, you’ll have the relief of knowing that you are prepared for one. Whole house generators supply power to important appliances such as your heating system during extremely cold weather, and your refrigerator to keep your food at an appropriate temperature level. Now is the time to have a whole house generator installed!

We Are Your Source for Portable Generator Services

Installing and servicing generators has been an integral part of our business for years, and whether you’re in need of repair for a portable generator or you’d like to schedule maintenance services for this system, we are your team.

We carry the top brands, and take all your specific needs into consideration when helping you determine which portable generator will be best for your home. While portable generators may not have the power of whole house systems, you benefit from transportability and flexibility, among other factors.

Servicing Your Commercial Generator in Salem, MA

You certainly don’t need anyone to explain to you why it would be such a problem to lose electricity in your business or commercial space. No matter what the purpose of your commercial property is, the loss of electricity means a loss of productivity and a halt to business. The best way to protect your space from such problems is with the installation of a commercial generator. It doesn’t stop at installation, though. You want to ensure your commercial generator is maintained and serviced by a company with experience in the commercial space: FB Integrated Solutions Inc..