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Residential & Commercial Electrical and Generator Services in Peabody, MA

There are a few simple steps you can take to help prolong the life of your electrical and generator systems. But when the time comes where you need the knowledge and experience of a professional electrician in Peabody, MA, call on FB Integrated Solutions Inc.. Whether its installations, replacements, repairs, or maintenance, don’t turn to just any company for these services. We offer high quality work for electrical systems and generators, top-notch technicians, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Do You Need an Electrician in Peabody, MA?

A faulty electrical system is an annoyance that can turn into a full power outage. It might even become dangerous. When you need electrical repairs, you can’t afford to wait. That’s why FB Integrated Solutions Inc. offers 24-hour emergency repair electricians. But we also do much more than electrical repairs: we can upgrade your home life and energy efficiency with a range of installations using quality brands such as Mr. Steam and Warmly Yourself.

We Install and Service Attic and Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan will do wonders for increasing comfort in a room during both hot and cold weather, and will provide relief for your HVAC system-and your bills! Attic fans will protect your roof from ice damage during the winter and vent out the excess heat during the summer that will seep down into the other rooms. Call our technicians for installation and service.

We Service Central Vacuum Systems

Stop lugging that heavy vacuum up and down the stairs! It’s not necessary, thanks to central vacuum systems. Our team can fit our your home for one of these labor-saving marvels that only require you plug a lightweight hose and cleaning attachment into an outlet in each room. All the debris goes through vents to a central location for quick and easy clean-up.

We Can Handle Your Electrical Wiring Needs

Electrical wiring forms the veins and arteries of your home’s electrical system, and you want electricians with the equivalent skills of a surgeon to work on your home’s wiring needs. Whether it’s wiring for new construction, inspecting old wiring to make sure it is up to code, or installation of new outlets and switches, you can rely on the team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. to handle the job.

We Install and Service Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will help keep your family safe inside your home 24/7. Call us to install these devices in your house so you will have early warnings of fire hazards and leaking combustible carbon monoxide gas.

We Install and Service Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

An upgrade to your indoor or outdoor lighting is an upgrade to your life-almost like receiving a home remodel without all the remodeling work. Our electricians are skilled with designing new lighting installations, and they also handle replacement and repair work.

We Specialize in Installing Home Automation and Home Security Systems

The house of the future is already here: home automation operates various systems in your home to achieve maximum efficiency. We install home automation as well as set up top-of-the-line home security systems, including burglar alarm systems, security cameras, and video surveillance installation. Call us to find out how we can automate your home for efficiency, convenience, and safety.

We Offer Home Theater Installation and Repair Services

The technology of home theater systems has advanced so far that achieving the best enjoyment from your home theater set-up requires the assistance of professional electricians. Our electrical team has extensive experience with home entertainment wiring, and our workmanship will see that your family receives the best from their home theater, free from the problems of wiring and cable cluttered and poorly placed components.

Call Us for Help with Your Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Relaxing in a hot tub after a hard day at work, or swimming in your pool during a weekend afternoon, won’t be very enjoyable if the equipment that keeps the water comfortable and the area lit isn’t working. Your need correct wiring for the pump, lighting, and heating equipment-and that’s where our service team can help you out. Call us for whatever services you need for pool and hot tub wiring.

Do You Need a Generator or Generator Service in Peabody, MA?

Defending your home and family against an extended power loss in Peabody, MA requires an effective back-up generator: a few candles and a dim flashlight won’t cut it when the power stays off for hours or even days. With the right generator installed, you’ll have power for lights, the refrigerator, the heating and cooling systems, and any vital powered medical equipment. FB Integrated Solutions Inc. offers generator service for the top brands, such as Generac, Kohler, GE, Briggs and Stratton, and Honeywell.

We Offer Generator Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

If you need generator installation, generator repair, or generator maintenance, we are the people to contact. We have experience with numerous brands and models of generators, so whether you need a new system to protect your home or you require quick repairs to get your current generator operational once more, look to us.

Come to FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for Your Commercial Electrician Needs

Commercial spaces have more complicated requirements when it comes to their generator systems and electrical needs. It takes a special kind of technician to see to those needs. You’ll find them at FB Integrated Solutions Inc.. When it’s time for a new generator system in Peabody, MA, or a full upgrade to your company’s electrical wiring, we are your one-stop spot for the professional work to get the job done.

Do You Need a Commercial Electrician?

Few troubles in a commercial building are more urgent than electrical ones. Call us for fast service from trained commercial electricians. We will also take care of new wiring installation and other electrical services to make sure you always have the power you need.

We Handle Commercial Lighting Issues and Installation

Does the lighting in your building seem drab, ugly, and ineffectual? Are light fixtures failing too often? Then it’s time to call the skilled team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. to handle your commercial lighting needs. With full services for electrical systems and generators-for homes and businesses-you can always count on us in Peabody, MA.