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Residential & Commercial Electrical and Generator Services in Beverly, MA

At FB Integrated Solutions Inc., we have the residential and commercial electricians in Beverly, MA to handle any electrical or generator services that you may need. Give us a call today to get started. We want to help you to live and work in greater comfort and convenience.

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Do You Need an Electrician in Beverly, MA?

You cannot complete your own electrical services. Attempt to do so is wildly irresponsible, and can result in personal harm, damage to your property, and many other issues. Let our electricians in Beverly, MA get the job done right so that you can use electricity safely and efficiently in your home. We only work with trusted manufacturers, such as Mr. Steam and Warmly Yours.

We Install and Service Attic and Ceiling Fans         

Attic fans and ceiling fans can help you to cut down on energy use without sacrifice comfort. They will only do so as effectively as possible, though, when you schedule your attic and ceiling fan services with a trained professional. Give us a call in order to do so.

We Service Central Vacuum Systems            

A central vacuum system is a great way in which to make your home much more convenient. This means that you can keep your home clean without lugging a vacuum up and down the stairs. We service central vacuum systems throughout the area, so give us a ring if your system requires service.

We Install and Service Circuit Breakers     

The circuit breaker that services your home is of the utmost importance. You need to know that you are using your electrical system in the safest manner possible. Only when your circuit breaker is in great shape can this be the case, so schedule your circuit breaker services in Beverley, MA with us. We also offer service panel upgrades.

We Can Handle Your Electrical Wiring Needs         

When properly installed and integrated into your electrical system, your electrical wiring is quite safe and allows for a lot of modern conveniences in your home. Don’t take any chances with your electrical wiring services in Beverly, MA. Let our electricians get the job done right from start to finish. Our outlets and switches, as well as new construction wiring services, are exceptional as well.

We Install and Service Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors               

Keeping your home safe is just one of the ways in which we can help you to live with greater peace of mind. You need to know that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed properly and that they are working correctly. We install and service fine smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the Beverly, MA area.

We Can Install Surge Protection in Your Home     

Don’t invest countless dollars into your electronics and appliances, only to leave them susceptible to the punishing nature of power surges. Power strips are just not enough to protect your entire household, no matter the quantity. Whole-house surge protection in Beverley, MA is a far better option.

We Install and Service Indoor and Outdoor Lighting        

Your indoor and outdoor lighting systems are equally important, allowing you to live conveniently and with the feeling of security that you deserve. To get the most from your lighting systems, you must ensure that they are installed and serviced by pros. Our indoor lighting and outdoor lighting services in Beverly, MA are comprehensive, so give us a call today. We can complete your lighting installation, replacement, and repair services with great care.

We Specialize in Installing Home Automation and Home Security Systems

Home automation and home security systems help you to live with great convenience and peace of mind. This type of equipment requires the service of skilled, knowledgeable professionals, of course. Let us install and service you home automation and home security systems in Beverly, MA, so that you know the job is done right. We also offer burglar alarm systems, security cameras, and video surveillance installation services.

We Can Handle Your Computer Wiring Needs        

Computers are as costly as they are sensitive. That is why you must entrust your computer wiring needs to a qualified party. We can handle your computer wiring needs with the skill and deft touch that such services demand. Call us for computer wiring installation.

Do You Need a Generator or Generator Service in Beverly?

You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and convenience just because the power in your area goes out. Not if you have a whole-house generator in Beverly, MA, anyway. Let us know if you are interested in the installation of a generator, or require any other type of generator services. We carry products from trusted brands, such as Generac, Kohler, GE, Briggs and Stratton, and Honeywell.

We Offer Generator Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Whole-house generators are permanent installations, meaning that a professional is the only person capable of servicing them. Schedule your generator installation, repair, and maintenance services in Beverly, MA with a member of our team. This guarantees that your generator will receive the quality services that it needs.          

Come to FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for Your Commercial Electrician Needs

Commercial services in Beverly, MA, are not hard to come by. However, you need to know that the individual you are working with is going to do the job right each and every step of the way. Trust us when we tell you that we always do.

Do You Need a Commercial Electrician?    

A commercial electrician in Beverly, MA is the only party capable of handling your electrical service in a safe, appropriate manner. Whatever commercial electrical service needs you may have, we can handle the job. Contact us with any questions you may have.

We Handle Commercial Lighting Issues and Installation

Commercial lighting design, installation, and service are tricky business. Our team has the training, tools, and materials to do any job with exceptional skill, though. We are here to field any inquiries you may have.

We Also Handle Commercial Electrical Wiring

Commercial electrical wiring is the crux of your electrical system. You can afford to take no chances with its condition. For commercial HVAC services and electrical needs in Beverly, MA, call the pros at FB Integrated Solutions Inc..