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Residential & Commercial Electrical and Generator Services in Belmont, MA

Whether you know that your existing security system needs to be replaced, or you’re in the market for a whole house generator, you can count on the team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. to take care of your needs properly and with outstanding customer service and workmanship. We offer exceptional generator and electrical products and services for both residential and commercial spaces, be it installation, replacement, repair or maintenance. 

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Do You Need an Electrician in Belmont, MA?

Whether you’re building a new home and you want to make sure that your electrical system will work properly for years to come, or you find that your existing lighting does not function as it should, we can help. If you need an electrician in Belmont, MA, just let us know. We’ll be right over to provide you with an elegant solution. We also provide our customers with Mr. Steam and Warmly Yours products.

Attic and Ceiling Fans

Attic and ceiling fans can do wonders for your home’s energy efficiency. We install high quality fans for those customers who want to improve their comfort and save money in the process. Let us do the same for you.

Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker is one of the most essential products in the home. It is responsible for distributing electricity safely and effectively throughout the home. Whether you need a service panel upgrade or you find that your existing panel needs to be upgraded, our electricians can assist you.

Electrical Wiring

You simply don’t have an electrical system without adequate electrical wiring. We can make sure that your wiring is integrated seamlessly into your home so that you are able to use the fixtures, gadgets and appliances that you need.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s imperative that you hire a professional to take care of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s the only way you can be sure that they are hard-wired safely. Let us put your mind at ease with our services.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

The ability to illuminate your home is one of the chief reasons why we have electrical systems in the first place. We can make sure that both your indoor and outdoor lighting is everything you want it to be.

Flat Screen TV Installation

If you want to make sure that your new flat screen TV is hung safely and properly on the wall, and that its setup is headache-free, just reach out to us for help. We offer excellent flat screen TV installation services throughout the Belmont, MA area.

Home Automation and Home Security Systems

Home automation allows you to take comprehensive (and remote) control over various systems of your household, including lighting and HVAC controls. We also specialize in home security systems, including burglary alarm systems and video surveillance.

Home Theater Installation and Repair Services

The ability to sit at home and enjoy the big screen is one of modern life’s great pleasures. If you want to make sure that your home theater installation goes off without a hitch, give us a call today. We can also take care of any home theater repair needs that you might have.

Computer Wiring

Let us take care of your computer wiring installation. We’ll make sure that your home or office space has everything that it needs to ensure that you’re network is efficient and effective.

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Whether you have a pool or hot tub, it’s critical that it be safe to operate at all times. As we all know, water and electricity do not mix, so make sure that your pool and hot tub wiring is taken care of by a trained electrician.

Do You Need a Generator or Generator Service in Belmont?

As a leading electrical service specialist in the Belmont, MA area, we can make sure that your generator is professionally installed and serviced so that it’s always there when you need it. Owning a whole house generator has a number of benefits, including safe operation, great energy efficiency and the convenience of being able to hit a switch or have your power turn on automatically, instead of monitoring a small gas generator. We use high quality equipment from manufacturers such as Generac, Kohler, GE, Briggs and Stratton and Honeywell. Call us for generator service.

Generator Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services

Whether you’re in the market for a new generator or you want to make certain that your existing model is carefully maintained during its service life, we can oblige you with our outstanding generator installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services in Belmont, MA.

Come to FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for Your Commercial Electrical Needs

In addition to our many residential services, we also specialize in assisting our commercial clients with what they need to take care of their businesses and properties. We offer comprehensive commercial electrical services to our clients throughout the Belmont, MA area, including the installation of new products and materials as well as emergency repair and routine maintenance. Call us today.

Do You Need a Commercial Electrician?

If so, let us know. Our commercial electricians are standing by, eager to get started on your new construction wiring project, replacing your old service panel up with a new one, or taking care of your generator on a regular basis.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

A properly placed commercial ceiling fan can do wonders for your space, improving your energy efficiency and the comfort of your employees, customers and/or tenants.

Commercial Lighting Service and Installation

We install and service commercial lighting of various types. Whether you want your parking lot to be illuminated properly or you’re eager to create the proper aesthetic mood for your restaurant, we can oblige you with outstanding commercial lighting installation and services. Call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. today.