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Backup Generator Services near Boston, MA

Even a brief loss of electrical power in a home can be an ordeal. But with the professional installation of a backup generator, you can prepare your household for a power loss that last for days. Backup generators are far more effective and reliable—not to mention safer—than the small portable generators with which you may already be familiar. A backup generator is a permanent installation wired directly into your home’s electrical system to provide the amount of electrical power necessary to run the vital systems in your home—or your whole home, if you wish.

At FB Integrated Solutions Inc., we care about your family’s comfort and safety. That is why we offer comprehensive services for backup generators near Boston, MA. When you contact our specialists, they will help you select the best generator to suit your needs in the event of a power loss. They are also available for repairs and maintenance whenever they’re necessary.

Are you interested in a backup generator installation? Or do you need repairs or maintenance for your current backup generator? Call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for these services near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Backup Generator Installation

Portable generators do have their uses: they are excellent for emergencies on the road, during camping trips, and to power a few home appliances. But when it comes to a power loss in your house that lasts for a few hours or longer, you will require the services of a more powerful and dependable backup generator to handle the load. A backup generator can supply as much power for your home as necessary, whether you want only the minimum amount of electricity to run the heating system and a few lights, or if you want your entire home powered. Most backup generators run from natural gas piped directly from the municipal supply, so you will not have to worry about refueling the generator. Backup generators are also safer than portable generators because they are located outside a house and present no danger from toxic exhaust gases.

Backup Generator Repair and Maintenance

If you have a backup generator installed for your home, you must take steps to keep it as reliable as possible. The best way to do this is to schedule annual generator maintenance from professional technicians before the storm season begins. The technicians will see that your generator is prepared to come on whenever it’s necessary, and that it will run without draining excess energy.

Occasionally, a generator will need repairs, just like all mechanical systems. Should a generator malfunction, you can’t hesitate about calling for repairs. Call our service team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc.—available 24 hours a day—to take care of any repair work necessary to keep your generator running.

We Offer Services for Backup Generators near Boston, MA

Long–term power outages can be frightening, especially when they occur during harsh weather conditions and it’s essential that you have your home comfort system running. But a backup generator is a great defense against these worries. With a generator that receives quality installation and maintenance, you will have peace of mind that your household will have comfort and safety through an extended blackout.

The technicians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. are certified to work on the best generator brands available. Call us whenever you need installation, repairs, or maintenance for a standby generator near Boston, MA.