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Generator Maintenance Program

The Why

  1. Reduce likelihood of equipment failure and costly repairs
  2. Extend the life of your Generator
  3. Optimize performance when needed most.
  4. Increase compliance with recommended factory maintenance guidelines
  5. Provide peace of mind knowing we have you covered
  6. Seasonal reminders to schedule your service

The Benefits

  1. Priority service response over non–contract customers with no Emergency rates
  2. Free annual oil and filter change
  3. 10% discounted labor on Electrical and HVAC services
  4. Visual inspection of all systems and internal clean out
  5. Generator status report readings
  6. Generator run test
  7. Adjust timers, voltage, and HZ (if necessary)
  8. Monitor fluid levels and refill (diesel and commercial units only)

The Price

Generator Maintenance Program $29.99/month or 300 upfront

Generator + 1 service, Maintenance Program $26.99/month each or 600 upfront

Generator + 2 services, Maintenance Programs $23.99/month each or 900 upfront