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Electrical Maintenance Program

The Why

  1. Reduce likelihood of equipment failure and costly repairs
  2. Increase your home or business electrical safety
  3. Reduce likelihood of electrical short circuits
  4. On call electrical solutions
  5. Provide peace of mind knowing who is on their way to your needs
  6. Seasonal reminders to schedule your service

The Benefits

  1. Priority service response over non–contract customers with no Emergency rates
  2. Biannual smoke/carbon dioxide detector battery replacement
  3. 10% discounted labor on HVAC and Generator services
  4. 30 minutes of free electrical labor if needed
  5. Visual inspection of wiring and connections
  6. Physical inspections of operational systems and safety checks
  7. Free estimates on Electrical, HVAC, or Generator projects
  8. 10% off Electrical labor costs on any home renovation project

The Price

Electrical Maintenance Program $29.99/month or 300 upfront

Electrical + 1 service, Maintenance Program $26.99/month each or 600 upfront

Electrical + 2 services, Maintenance Programs $24.99/month each or 900 upfront