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Whole House Generator Services near Boston, MA

Small portable generators work well in situations when you need temporary power. They are effective for use in vehicles in case of emergencies, are convenient for camping trips, and if used cautiously will work to power small household appliances during brief periods of power loss. However, you should not rely on a portable generator to handle a major power outage lasting more than a few hours. If your home is at risk for long–term power loss during stormy conditions, you should instead depend on a whole house generator to take care of you and your family.

Whole house generators are complex, permanent installations, and you should only entrust the job of selecting and installing one to experienced and licensed professionals. FB Integrated Solutions Inc. works with many types of generators and the best brands available. Call us near Boston, MA for installation work, as well as any additional services you require, such as repairs and regular maintenance.

The generator professionals at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. offer installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services for whole–house generators near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of a Whole House Generator near Boston, MA

A tough winter will turn especially harsh if storm conditions interfere with power lines. During severe weather, entire neighborhoods can end up deprived of electricity for days at a time, which is a miserable and possibly dangerous situation.

A whole house generator is like investing in a guarantee against the hassles and risks of a power outage. These units are permanent installations placed outside a home that hook directly into the home’s power system. If an electrical service interruption occurs, you can activate your generator so that it supplies the electricity level necessary to keep your home safe and comfortable throughout the outage. You will work with your professional installer to determine what level of wattage is necessary for the systems you want to run in case of a black out: lights, the heating system, the refrigerator, any necessary medical equipment, etc. The installer will then handle choosing a whole house generator that fits your needs and then install it so that it’s ready to take care of you.

The majority of whole house generators run on natural gas, so they will always have a ready supply of power to keep your home lit and warm. Unlike portable generators, which can pose exhaust hazards indoors, an outdoor whole house generator presents minimal dangers.

House Generator Repairs and Maintenance

Generators can run into repair troubles, just like any major power system. To ensure that your whole house generator remains reliable, call for professional repair technicians to fix any issues at the first indication of trouble.

To help avoid repair needs, and to see that your generator is always ready to deliver electrical power when the time comes; schedule routine maintenance once a year from FB Integrated Solutions Inc.. A generator that you can’t depend on is almost as bad as having no generator at all, so keep your whole house generator current and ready to run at a moment’s notice with maintenance from experts. Maintenance will also see that the generator does not waste excess power when it runs.

Call Us for House Generator Services

When you want a whole house generator installed to protect your family in near Boston, MA make the best choice from the start and contact FB Integrated Solutions Inc.. We also offer maintenance and are ready 24/7 whenever you need repairs to keep your generator dependable.