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Generator Installation near Boston, MA

Even a brief power outage is a major inconvenience for a home. An extended loss of power lasting for hours or even days can end up as a genuine nightmare. If there are members of your household who depend on the operation of powered medical equipment, an outage can even be potentially life–threatening. But with a back–up generator installed, you will have the valuable peace of mind knowing that the essential appliances and systems of your house will still run during a power loss.

To prepare your home near Boston, MA for a long–term power outage due to weather conditions, natural disasters, or any other grid failure, call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. and ask about our generator installation services. There are many different types, sizes, and brands of generators, and our team will help you select the ideal unit to supply your power necessities. Make sure that you leave this important work to professionals so you can rest easy knowing your generator will do its job when it’s needed.

The electrical team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. offers quality generator installation services near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas. Call us for more information.

Benefits of Generator Installation

Think of all the ways that electricity helps you get through the average day in your house. There are probably many ways you use electricity that you don’t even think about. But should the power go out for any length of time, you will rapidly find out how much you depend on a steady electrical flow.

A generator will use a back–up fuel source—natural gas, propane, diesel, etc.—to deliver electrical power into your home when power from the grid goes out. You can choose how much power your home needs to continue to function. For example, you may only require a few necessities: a couple of lights, the refrigerator so food won’t spoil, and power for the air conditioner or heater. (Keep in mind that even gas–powered heating systems must have electricity for their components to run.) But you may also have additional needs, such as medical equipment, that must continue to work through an outage. The choice is up to you. With the proper system installed to back–up your electrical power, you can enjoy all of the standard comforts of your home until the municipal power is restored.

Why You Need Professional Generator Installation

Generators are unusual home appliances in that you hope you never actually need to use one. But you must have the assurance that, should the time come when the generator needs to run, it will turn on and supply the electrical voltage necessary to keep your home comfortable and its vital systems running. The only way you will know that your generator is up to the task is to rely on professionals for installation.

Skilled technicians will properly size the generator for your home. They will work with you to find out what your power needs are during a blackout, and then locate a model and size of generator that will deliver that level of wattage without overloading your system. The technicians will then perform the installation work so that your new generator hooks correctly into your home’s electrical system and to its own power supply. Because many generators use natural gas, you should never attempt work on one on your own because of the risk of toxic gas exposure. Leave everything to professionals.

Call Us for Generator Installation near Boston, MA

Make sure that your home is ready the next time a storm takes down power lines or any other occurrence cuts off electricity. Call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for generator installation service near Boston, MA. We take your comfort and safety seriously.