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Generators and Generator Services near Boston, MA

When the power goes out, do you ruffle through drawers for the flashlight and candles, or do you calmly sit back and relax while your automatic standby generator clicks on to restore power to your entire household, including major appliances and your HVAC system? As a leading provider of generator services throughout the Boston, MA area, we provide exceptional installation and replacement services for a wide range of generators from leading manufacturers in the industry. You can also count on our team for any generator repair and maintenance services. Call us today.

FB Integrated Solutions Inc. provides generators and generator services near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

Choosing a Generator for Your Home

A house generator makes a lot of sense if you’re at all concerned about the consequences of losing power. We offer comprehensive generator services throughout the Boston, MA area, including the installation of new generators. We can help you select a system based on your power backup preferences as well as your budget.

We are Certified Generator Professionals

Whatever type of generator you select for your home, make sure it’s of high quality. There are various brands on the market, and each has its own advantages. We offer a diverse range of system makes and models to our customers, and we are certified to work with Generac, GE, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton as well as Honeywell generators. You can count on the technical expertise and skill of our electricians, whether they’re installing a new system for your home or repairing your old one. Feel free to read more below about the generators and generator services we offer:

Generator Installation

If you want a generator that will be as reliable as it is efficient and powerful, then it all starts with your generator installation. No matter how good your equipment is, it won’t matter much without professional installation.

Generator Maintenance

It’s important to keep an eye on your generator during its years of service to make sure that it is always there when you need it to be. The best way to go about this is routine professional maintenance. Our generator maintenance ensures that your system is fully inspected, cleaned and adjusted.

Generator Repair

If you find that your generator makes a strange sound, or fails to operate properly, then it’s imperative that you give us a call. Our generator repair service near Boston, MA is responsive and comprehensive.

Automatic Standby Generator

An automatic standby generator works much like its name suggests. It detects whenever you lose power so that you don’t have to switch on your generator manually. Instead, it turns on automatically so that you don’t have to fuss over your backup power supply.

Backup Generator

A whole house backup generator is truly the way to go when it comes to supplying power for your entire home. While portable units have their place, they can’t compare to the coverage provided by a backup generator. We install and service a wide range of quality units.

Portable Generator

Whether you’re on a budget or just want to run your essentials in the event of a power outage, a portable generator makes a lot of sense. We offer comprehensive portable generator services throughout the Boston, MA area.

Whole House Generator

Nothing beats a whole house generator. These systems allow you not only to back up your lights and to power your electronic devices, but also your major appliances and HVAC equipment without worry.

Commercial Generator

Customers tend to rely on businesses of all types during power outages, and it’s important that you’re able to deliver when you lose power. We offer comprehensive commercial generator services throughout the Boston, MA area.