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Vehicle Charging Stations near Boston, MA

If you own an electric vehicle or a plug–in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), you are doing a great service to help to conserve energy and protect the environment. A hybrid car is estimated to consume only a quarter of the gasoline that a conventional combustion engine vehicle does—and fully electric cars don’t require any gasoline at all. Using electric and hybrid vehicles reduces air pollution, greenhouse gases, and dependence on limited fossil fuels.

But whether your car runs on a battery or contains a hybrid of rechargeable battery and gas engine with a plug, you need to have a charging station to provide it with power. There are on–street facilities to rapidly charge cars, as well as mobile stations. Some workplaces have started to provide charging stations at some company parking spots. But you will want certainty when it comes to your electric car or PHEV, and the best way to find that is to contact FB Integrated Solutions Inc. and have our electricians install one at your home near Boston, MA. We also provide this service for businesses if you want your company to offer an incentive to employees to go electric.

The professional electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. install and service vehicle charging stations near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas for homes and businesses. Call us to find out more.

Why You Need a Vehicle Charging Station

Although you can charge your electric vehicle with a standard wall outlet, this can be remarkably and irritatingly slow: around 12 to 18 hours for a full–cycle charge. Few people can work their working and driving schedules around that sort of demand on their time. However, with an electric charging station, you can have a full–cycle charge delivered for a 45 kWh battery in only 4 to 8 hours—an easy overnight charging time. There are also a number of safety hazards involved in using a wall socket to charge your electric vehicle that you won’t have to worry about with a professionally installed charging station.

Vehicle Charging Station Installation

There are a variety of electric vehicle and PHEV charging stations available for installation to fit different needs. The two basic models are freestanding units, which resemble metal posts, and wall–mounted units. The stations do not have to look obtrusive; the sleek, modern designs allow them to integrate easily into your garage or your business. You must have experienced professionals install these devices so they hook into your local power grid correctly and provide the power levels you need at the charging speed you want. It’s also important that the professional installers provide proper ground fault protection that will meet all electrical code and fire safety standards.

FB Electrical Services Inc Installs and Repairs Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations all over the Boston Metropolitan area

For commercial charging stations, there are other special considerations when it comes to installation. You can have your company’s charging stations networked so you can remotely manage them from a desktop or other Internet–enabled device. This also allows for quick analysis of problems so you know when to call for repairs.

Whatever your specific needs for vehicle charging station installation, give the electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. a call today. We will find the right dependable system for your home or business.

We Offer Vehicle Charging Station Repairs

Since no electrical system can be expected to work perfectly 100% of the time, you will occasionally need to call for repairs. Along with installing electric vehicle charging stations, our team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. also handles repair and maintenance needs for them near Boston, MA. Make sure that your electric car is always ready to hit the road thanks to a working charging station.