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Surge Protection near Boston, MA

Because we use so much precision electronic equipment in our homes today (even your toaster probably has a microprocessor!), we must take special precautions against voltage fluctuations, a.k.a. power surges. Power surges both large and small can damage your valuable property, leading to ruined appliances, lost data, and long–term loss of power.

If you think that you receive sufficient defense from power surges through point–of–use power strips, it’s time to reconsider. Both the smaller surges that you may not notice and the massive surges that can come from catastrophic events such as lightning strikes can cause damage even with power strips attached to your outlets. The best way to protect your home from voltage fluctuations is with a whole–house surge protector—and you will need a licensed electrician to connect one for your house. For more information about this valuable service near Boston, MA, call the professional electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. today.

The experienced electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. offer professional surge protection services for homes near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

Why Should I Consider Whole House Surge Protection?

Power strips do provide you with some level of protection from surges, and it is always a wise idea to have important high–end equipment like computers, laptops, game consoles, and televisions plugged into power strips. However, power strips are only one level of protection from voltage fluctuations; installing a whole–house surge protector is a second and much more powerful level of protection.

One of the benefits of a whole–house surge protector is that it acts faster at stopping the damage from surges that may pass through your power system. A whole–house surge protector is installed into your service panel, and it re–routes any excess voltage (usually anything above 120 volts) so that it does not reach the outlets. Power strips can sometimes allow excessive voltage through before cutting off the power.

Whole–house surge protectors are far more effective against major surges, such as those that come from a lightning bolt strike, a downed power line, or (the most frequent cause) problems in the local power plant. A whole–house surge protector sends this excessive power down into the grounding of a home rather than simply cutting off the voltage flow. Point–of–use power strips won’t do much good against an enormous amount of voltage moving through the circuits, while a whole–house surge protector will easily diverts the excessive voltage away from the outlets.

There are also smaller voltage fluctuations that occur in your home, often without you noticing them. When a large appliance, such as a refrigerator or air conditioner, makes an increased demand for power, it can cause a surge in the electrical system because of the sudden voltage imbalance. These smaller voltage spikes will lead to cumulative damage to many electrical appliances. A whole–house surge protector will help guard against these micro–surges in a way that power strips will not.

We Offer Quality Surge Protection Services near Boston, MA

A whole–house surge protector must be hard–wired into your circuit breaker panel. As with all major electrical jobs for a home, this task must be left to licensed professionals to avoid the danger of malfunctions leading to electrical fires and power outages. If you are experiencing trouble from voltage fluctuations or want better protection for the equipment in your home, call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. today and ask about our services near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas for whole–house surge protection. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.