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Central Vacuum System Service near Boston, MA

Vacuuming a home, especially a multi–story or large home, is a chore that most people wish they could skip altogether. Unfortunately, a self–vacuuming house has not yet been invented, but you can make the job much easier with the installation of a central vacuum system. With such a system in your home, you’ll no longer need to drag around a large power vacuum through the rooms or lug it up and down stairs in order to give your house’s floors a thorough cleaning.

Central vacuum systems are available through the services of electrical installation specialists. You can’t call just any contractor for this job: FB Integrated Solutions Inc. is one of the companies near Boston, MA that offers installation and repair services for central vacuum systems. Our licensed electricians will find the best way to hook up your home with one of these useful labor–saving devices, and then take care of the installation work fast so you can soon start enjoying a clean home with ease.

Call FB Integrated Solutions Inc. for professional installation and services for a central vacuum system near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system works similarly to the standard ductwork in a home. But instead of ducts connected to your heater and AC and leading to vents, a central vacuum connects a pressurized suction system to a series of outlets around the home. To clean a room, you simply have to take a lightweight cleaning attachment with a hose to the location, plug the hose into the vacuum outlet on the wall, and you have instant vacuuming power. All of the debris the cleaning attachment picks up is drawn into the ductwork and taken to a central disposal location, which you can empty later.

The Benefits of Central Vacuum Installation

You will save an immense amount of labor with a central vacuum cleaner installed in your home. Cleaning a multi–story house is as easy as taking the cleaning attachment and hose to a room and hooking it to the vacuum outlet. You don’t even have to worry about plugging it in, since the power is part of the outlet in each room. You’ll drastically cut down on the time it takes to clean your house, and you’ll save on back–breaking labor. Central vacuum cleaners are as powerful as the best commercial vacuums—but without any of the bulk of those appliances.

Installing a central vacuum requires accessing the space behind walls and hooking up a network of ducts leading to the central disposal location. This isn’t work you can do on your own or entrust to an amateur. You will need electricians who also have experience with ventilation systems. Call up FB Integrated Solutions Inc., where we handle numerous home services, if you are interested in the benefits of a central vacuum system.

We Also Offer Central Vacuum Repair

If a central vacuum system malfunctions, it will require experts to take care of the repair job. The technicians will need experience with electrical and air duct repairs to provide the best service. That’s why we recommend you contact FB Integrated Solutions Inc. whenever you need your central vacuum system fixed near Boston, MA or the surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive electrical, heating and air conditioning services for homes, and that makes us ideally suited to take care of your needs for a central vacuum.