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Attic Fans & Attic Fan Service near Boston, MA by FB Integrated Solutions Inc.

You probably do not spend much time in the attic of your home; most people only enter the attic to retrieve and store items. At first, it may seem odd to suggest installing fans for a location in your home where you go so infrequently. But there are some excellent reasons to contact professional electricians to wire up your home attic with exhaust fans.

If you are curious about attic fans in and around Boston, MA, whether because you want an installation or need repairs for your current fans, give the experienced team at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. a call. We employ licensed and highly–trained electricians familiar with many types of home installations—as well as heating and cooling systems—and we offer a 1–year labor warranty on new product installation. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

FB Integrated Solutions Inc. provides installation, repair, and maintenance service for attic fans near Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Attic Fan Installation

What makes attic fans a good idea for a home? Consider the temperature in the attic during a summer day. If you’ve ever gone into an attic on a sunny day, you’ll notice that the space is sweltering hot, much more so than the rest of the house. This occurs because of a combination of rising heat and the energy of the sun against the roof. The attic heat will often rise to 130°F, and all this excess heat will start to seep down into your living spaces, where it will force you to run your air conditioner far more often. With an attic fan exhausting this heat from the attic, you will significantly lower its temperature and make your home more energy efficient.

Attic fans are beneficial in winter as well, when they draw cold air into the attic. This at first may sound like a bad idea—why bring cold air into a house during the winter? But allowing a natural flow of outdoor air to keep your attic cold will reduce the potential for snow melting off your roof and then refreezing in the gutters, creating "ice damming" that is extremely damaging to roof material. This air circulation also keep out the rising moist air from below, which can cause ice to develop inside roofing material, damaging it as it expands.

For proper ventilation in both hot and cold weather, you must rely on a professional to install the attic fans. The electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. will see make sure that your attic fans have the proper ventilation and operate correctly.

Attic Fan Repair and Maintenance

Like any powered electrical system, attic fans will wear down and may suffer damages if they do not receive the proper care. The electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. are available 24 hours a day when you need emergency electrical service to keep your fans working. We not only offer electrical service; we are also a heating and air conditioning company, so we are familiar with ways to ventilate, heat, and cool a home. This gives us a special advantage when dealing with attic fans. Whenever you require repair work or maintenance to keep your attic fans in good shape, make us your first call.

Look to Us for Your Attic Fan Services

You will be surprised at what a difference attic fans can make in home efficiency and protection. Although you will rarely see them, the fans will work to keep your attic at the right temperature to prevent ice damage in winter and excess heat levels in summer. The electricians at FB Integrated Solutions Inc. are here to assist you with attic fan installation in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas, as well as handling other services you may need to keep the fans operating.