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Generators: Your Defense Against a Blackout

generators-defense-against-blackoutIf you’re not already there, imagine yourself sitting in your home right now, and the temperatures outside are showing no mercy. You can hear the wind howling outside and are grateful to be indoors, where you can enjoy the comforting warmth of your furnace or other heating system. Suddenly, the power goes out. No big deal, it’ll turn back on—right? Or, the generator will kick in. Oh wait, you don’t have a generator in your Wellesley, MA home? Well then, you’re in quite the predicament.

The Boston area isn’t exactly known for mild winters—we’ve weathered our fair amount of storms, one very recently, with harmful consequences as a result. Power loss is a very real risk when it comes to these strong storms, too. Perhaps you’re thinking “a couple hours won’t make a huge difference, we’ll be fine!” However, the thing about power outages and blackouts is that they are unpredictable, and may last days rather than hours.

The Impact of a Massive Power Outage

  • Lack of Comfort: One of the things you’ll lose during a massive power outage is the functionality of your heating system. Even if you have a gas-powered system, it requires an electric ignition that will not work during an outage. Therefore, you won’t have anything to keep you warm when you need in the most—which can be particularly challenging if you have small children or elderly individuals living in your space.
  • Decreased Safety: Does anyone in your home require the use of electrically-powered medical devices? Without power, you of course will not be able to provide this for them. Whether it’s an oxygen breather or some other important type of equipment, electricity can literally be a lifesaver.
  • Stress: Nobody likes to be stressed. But if your power goes out, and you have no back-up and no knowledge of when the power will kick back in, stress is exactly what you’ll get. Even if you never face a significant power outage, the peace of mind you’d get from a whole-house backup generator is invaluable.

A Portable Generator is Inefficient

A portable backup generator is great for many purposes—a camping trip, to be used in a small studio apartment, or for use in a home that you’re renting and do not have permission to install a whole-house system. Outside of these events though, you simply aren’t going to have an efficient means of power backup without a whole-house generator. Portable systems don’t last as long and are not as effective as their whole-house counterparts.

Keep Your Generator in Top Condition

It is important to remember that in addition to having your whole-house generator professionally installed and repaired, that taking care of it requires a professional as well. This is the only way to ensure that you get the most out of your system and that it’s ready for anything winter may bring. You may think that because your generator is rarely in use, it’s okay to skip maintenance—but this is exactly opposite from the truth.

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