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How a Nest Thermostat Saves You Energy and Money

If you’re a busy person, constantly running from one place to another, it can be easy to forget some of the little things you leave behind at home. The thermostat, for example, controls perhaps the two biggest energy hogs in your home, the air conditioning and heating systems. But when you leave the home for a long day of work, you may forget to turn it off, which means you end up paying the cost throughout the day. Leaving the air conditioner or heater switched on not only drives up prices, it could also wear down the components of your home comfort system until they no longer operate in the manner that they should. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had the ability to control the HVAC system even when you were away?

A Nest thermostat can help you keep your home’s climate under control—no matter where you are! Nest learning thermostats help improve your home comfort by offering advanced temperature and climate features as well as remote control that simply cannot be beat. Chances are, you are one of many Americans who uses a smart phone, tablet, or computer with internet access every day. A Nest thermostat learns your preferences for daily operation, but can still be controlled from far away if your plans change throughout the day! Here’s a bit more on those features.

  • Learns Your Preferences: After your thermostat is installed, adjust the temperature throughout the day as you normally would and Nest will begin to learn your preferences!
  • Auto-Away: Nest automatically lowers or raises the temperature when you’re away, to keep it at the most energy-efficient temperature through the day.
  • On the Go: Use an app on your smart phone or tablet to check the temperature in the home and delay the automatic settings if you’re coming home late, or switch it on sooner if you’ll arrive early.
  • Track Your Energy Usage: You can also track your daily energy use via the Nest app so you can make informed decisions about how often you run your unit and which temperatures save the most money.

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