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Generators: Your Defense Against a Blackout

Monday, January 30th, 2017

generators-defense-against-blackoutIf you’re not already there, imagine yourself sitting in your home right now, and the temperatures outside are showing no mercy. You can hear the wind howling outside and are grateful to be indoors, where you can enjoy the comforting warmth of your furnace or other heating system. Suddenly, the power goes out. No big deal, it’ll turn back on—right? Or, the generator will kick in. Oh wait, you don’t have a generator in your Wellesley, MA home? Well then, you’re in quite the predicament.

The Boston area isn’t exactly known for mild winters—we’ve weathered our fair amount of storms, one very recently, with harmful consequences as a result. Power loss is a very real risk when it comes to these strong storms, too. Perhaps you’re thinking “a couple hours won’t make a huge difference, we’ll be fine!” However, the thing about power outages and blackouts is that they are unpredictable, and may last days rather than hours.

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Is Whole-House Surge Protection Really Necessary?

Monday, December 26th, 2016

In recent years, homeowners throughout the country have becoming increasingly reliant on appliances and electronic devices. Many don’t realize this, but that means that the electrical demands we are placing on our homes are much higher than they used to be, and our homes may not be well-equipped to handle it.

You may use small, portable surge protectors or power strips in your home to plug in things like your TV, or computer equipment. However, this is typically not sufficient enough to really protect your home and electronics against the dangers of power surges. Fortunately, there is a solution—whole-house surge protection.

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Important Information about Your Home Security

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Have you ever gone on a long vacation, or even just gone away for a night and left a minor child or a pet behind? Were you able to enjoy your trip without concerning yourself about what was going on at home? Or were you constantly distracted by thoughts of “what if?”

Chances are that even if you trust that nothing will happen, there’s always that nagging feeling that something could go wrong. The good news is, there’s an easy way to gain back the peace of mind that you deserve: a robust home security system.

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How Do Heated Driveways Work?

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Radiant heated driveways have become a very popular option for homeowners across the Midwest and east coast, where winter temperatures often present quite the challenge to homeowners with the snow and ice that they bring. Can you imagine never having to shovel snow off your driveway again?

Imagine the convenience! True, you won’t be able to claim a “snow day” to get out of going to work, but at least you can leave your house on a whim. But what exactly are heated driveways, and how do they work? Will you need to have maintenance done on them? Keep reading to learn more.

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What Should You Look for in a Commercial Electrical Service?

Monday, October 10th, 2016

You don’t have to tell us twice just how important a fully functioning electrical system is to the success of your commercial building or your business. When something goes wrong on your property, you need everything back up and running as fast as possible to avoid a serious business interruption and loss of profits.

Damage to your electrical system can certainly have a negative impact on your bottom line. So when you do find yourself in need of electrical repairs, who do you call?

A Company That Offers 24-Hour Service

Electrical failures are almost always a serious issue. It can leave your commercial space or business without power for hours, or even in danger of an electrical fire. When trouble brews, you don’t want to be stuck with a handyman or amateur electrician who requires you to wait until 9 A.M. on a Monday when the problem happens on a Friday evening. Ensure that you can trust your work to professional electricians with 24-hour availability, for your own peace of mind and convenience.

An Experienced Team

Of course, there’s nothing stopping a new company from hiring an electrician with years of experience. However, typically a newer company won’t be able to deliver you with the same confident level of quality as one that has decades of experience, such as our staff. It’s also far easier to put your trust in professional electricians who have shown that they deserve the respect of the community and their long-term clients.

A Team that Specializes in Commercial Services

This is perhaps the most important point—when you have a commercial space with electrical needs, you want a team on your side that is experienced with this kind of work. Commercial settings have specific electrical demands that aren’t seen in most residential properties. Technicians who can handle the wiring and electrical needs for a whole commercial building will have the necessary skill set to take care of whatever your repair needs are.

For commercial electrical repairs in Wellesley, MA, contact FB Electrical Services Inc. today!

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How Can You Determine if Your Electrician is a Professional?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

There are certain jobs you’ll do in your home over the years that require nothing but some basic knowledge and a YouTube video. Electrical work, however, is not one of these jobs. Electrical jobs can not only be dangerous, but can also lead to property damage if not done correctly.

But how do you go about finding a true professional? Certainly, you want a service provider you can trust to do the job correctly and safely, and you want a job you can rely on. Keep reading to learn more about what separates a professional electrician from the rest.

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Reduce Your Monthly Bills with These Energy Saving Tips

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

As we near the end of summer, we’re still contending with temperatures in the 90 degree region. As a result, we are using our air conditioners for the majority of the day, every day. This puts a lot of strain on your electricity, which is probably reflected on your summertime utility bills. The good news is, there are a number of ways in which you can save energy, and thus reduce your electric bills. We’ve cited a few examples below.

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Do I Need a GFCI Outlet Installation?

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Most homeowners typically don’t give their electrical systems a whole lot of thought, and we wouldn’t expect them to. However, with the increasing demands we place on these systems—with the purchase of high efficiency appliances and devices such as smart phones and tablets—it is important to consider your safety as well as the effectiveness of your electrical system.

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Have You Upgraded Your Electrical Panel Yet?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Here in Massachusetts, our electricians are used to handling all type of electrical systems and services. We also have our share of older homes, and with older homes come aging electrical systems. An expert upgrade provided by a trustworthy electrical contractor can offer your home various benefits.

If you’ve experienced issues with your electrical system recently, or even if your electrical system is functioning fine but depends on older technology, it could be time to seriously consider an electrical panel upgrade/ replacement. But what are the benefits of such an upgrade? We’ve shared a few advantages below.

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Voice-Activated Smart Home Security with Amazon Echo

Monday, May 16th, 2016

One of our main products we offer our customers is security automation for their home or business. Automated security devices help ensure that you are living and working in a safer, more secure environment. However, not every system will suit everybody’s needs. This is why we offer a variety of different products, including the new Alarm.com Alexa Skill.

This home security automation device provides you with a hands-free, digital assistant for your home that’s fully integrated with the Alarm.com platform. This new product is ideal if you already have an Amazon Alexa-enabled device such as Echo, Dot and Tap. You can now ask your Alarm.com powered system to perform automation commands or check the status of their connected devices.

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