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Tips Your Electrician Wants You to Know

Monday, January 28th, 2019

plug-in-outletWhen it comes to home safety, there’s a lot to consider. Most homeowners hear that term and think about home security—for example their alarm system and door locks. This is of course a very important part of making sure your home and family are protected, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Today, we want to give you some tips to keep you safe, from your electrical system. No, your wiring and electrical fixtures are not inherently dangerous. But they can be if you attempt electrical jobs on your own, or if you let old wiring go too long before being replaced. Keep reading for some electrical safety tips.

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5 Home Security Vulnerabilities You Didn’t Know You Had

Monday, January 14th, 2019

3d rendering of modern cozy house in chalet style with garage for sale or rent with many grass on lawn. Clear summer night with stars on the sky. Cozy warm light from windowPerhaps you read this title and thought, “Well, I have a burglar alarm, that’s probably enough… right?”

The fact that you’re here reading this indicates that you might have some doubts, and you should definitely be concerned when it comes to what’s probably your largest financial investment. You want to make sure it’s safe as possible, right? Well, this means ensuring that all the systems in your home work as they should, making sure your electrical wiring is up to code, and lastly, ensuring that your home security system in Waltham, MA is up-to-date.

If you haven’t already invested in a home security system, then this blog post is definitely for you. But before you just rush out and buy the first one you find or whatever you think you need, we implore you to read on to see what mistakes you may be making with your home security, so you know exactly what you need for when it comes time to purchase a system.

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Do You Have the Right Outlets Installed in the Right Places?

Monday, July 16th, 2018

electrical-outlet-and-cover-plateIf you have an older home, or are interested in having renovations done on a newer property, then there will come a time, sooner than later, that you need to contact a professional electrician in Waltham, MA for outlet installation. When that time comes, do you know how to choose which outlets are best, and where?

This is not as easy a task as just hopping in a standard hardware store and picking up the most affordable thing you can find—you will want to factor in what is safest for your living space.

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Consider Radiant Heating for Your Home

Monday, October 9th, 2017

a family home in the suburbs on a sunny winter day.It’s that time of year. You know, the time of year where we begin to prepare for cold weather. With fall officially here, temperatures are beginning to cool down and you’ve likely started preparing your home for this as well, by protecting your pipes from freezing, ensuring your heating system is ready for the cold, maintaining other home components, and more. One thing you might not have considered yet, however, is the installation of a radiant heating system.

Before we go any further, we want to stress how important it is that when you do choose to have such a system installed, you only hire a professional Waltham, MA electrician for the job. Hiring an amateur can lead to costly mistakes, and even injuries that you could be held liable for.

When we talk about radiant heating, we aren’t just talking about a heating system to keep you warm, though there is an effective radiant heating system for that, but rather ways to protect the exterior of your home during our long and cold winters. Keep reading to learn more!

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Is Whole-House Surge Protection Really Necessary?

Monday, August 28th, 2017

professional electrician at homeowner's doorIn recent years, homeowners throughout the country have become increasingly dependent on a number of electronic devices and appliances. When you couple this with thunderstorms and other inclement weather events that occur in our parts, the risk of power surges has increased. Power surges actually pose a much larger threat to your appliances and electronics than you may realize.

Perhaps you have a small, portable surge protector, that you plug your TV, stereo, and computer equipment into. Unfortunately, this is just not enough to offer you the level of protection you really need for your home. The answer is a whole-house surge protection system, installed by a professional electrician in Waltham, MA.

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The Benefits of Choosing Ductless Heating in Waltham

Friday, October 17th, 2014

There are a lot of older homes in Massachusetts, and choosing a heating system that can offer effective, efficient heating can sometimes be challenging. One option to consider is a ductless heating system in Waltham. Ductless systems use heat pump technology to heat, so that means that they also offer cooling, which can be of great benefit. As with any whole-home heating system installation, it’s important to hire trained professionals. FB Electrical Services has served multiple customers throughout the eastern Massachusetts area, and we can help you with all of your heating needs, so call us today!

How Do a Ductless Mini Splits Provide Heat?

A ductless system offer whole-home heating by using heat pump technology.  Heat pump technology allows the system to provide both heating and cooling by utilizing an important component: a reversing valve. This valve can change the way refrigerant flows, which is how the system can switch from heating to cooling and back again. The outdoor unit houses the condenser, compressor and heat pump mechanics, and indoor blowers deliver the warm air. The indoor blowers operate separately, and can be mounted against walls or hung from ceilings. The indoor blowers connect to the outdoor unit via a small conduit placed into an exterior wall. The conduit holds the condensate pipe, a power cord and the refrigerant line that runs between the indoor unit(s) and outdoor unit. Up to 4 indoor blowers can be connected to a single outdoor unit.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Heating System?

As stated above, a ductless system can offer you both heating and cooling. But here are some other benefits that are also important:

  • Customized comfort – because the indoor blowers work independently, they can offer zone control heating. This can maximize your comfort levels room to room.
  • Better energy efficiency – with a ductless system, you use only the amount of heating you need to use; this can help reduce your energy usage.
  • Easy installation – there’s no need to install ductwork with a ductless system. The technicians will install the outdoor unit, mount the indoor blowers and connect the blowers to the outdoor unit. The installation is very straightforward.

A ductless heating system in Waltham can help keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer – all with one convenient system. Interested to find out what a ductless system can do for you?

Call FB Electrical Services today and schedule an appointment with one of our ductless heating installation specialists.

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