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These Signs Indicate You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Monday, June 4th, 2018

electrician working on wiresOf the various problems you might face as a homeowner, electrical issues are among the most concerning, since you have your family’s safety to consider. Electrical malfunctions can cause injury in the form of electrocution, or even fires and subsequent property damage. It’s vital to your home and safety that you have a professional electrician check the wiring in your home at least once every few years. Without this level of home care, you increase the risk of running into a problem.

One of the most commonly neglected—or rather, forgotten—electrical components in most homes is the electrical panel. Homes today are increasing their electrical demand, with the addition of high-efficiency appliances, home theaters, and even mobile devices that need charging. But homeowners aren’t upgrading their electrical systems to accommodate for all of this, which can lead to a Danvers, MA electric repair service more often than you would like, not to mention the safety risks we already mentioned.

But do you know how to detect if you need an electrical panel upgrade? Keep reading for a brief guide on how to do so.

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Could Your Home Use an Electrical Upgrade?

Monday, June 5th, 2017

home-use-electrical-upgradeWe’re not just talking about upgrading your electrical panel—though, we’ll get to that in a bit. What we’re talking about here is making electrical upgrades to add to the visual appeal and functionality of your home. Of course, to do so would require professional Brighton, MA electrical services, which you needn’t look any further than right here to find.

In addition to making sure that your electrical system can handle any additional demand you may place on it during your time in your home, it makes since that you’d like to know how you can maintain or approve the visual appeal of your home, without taking anything away from its functionality. We have a few suggestions for electrical upgrades that achieve this.

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These Signs Indicate It Is Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Many homeowners don’t realize just how much danger their home could be in if they have a faulty or outdated electrical panel. This panel is where the main power line from outside the home enters and is routed through the electrical system. It also disconnects circuits if excess electricity flows through them by tripping circuit breakers. However, if a panel starts to malfunction to the point that it can’t operate correctly, then you could be at risk for a major outage or even electrical fires.

If you have an aging service panel, then it is imperative that you pay attention to the signs that it’s time for an upgrade—before it fails completely. If you notice any of the below warning signs, be sure to call a professional electrician to immediately inspect the panel and see if repairs will be sufficient or if an upgrade is necessary.

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Have You Upgraded Your Electrical Panel Yet?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Here in Massachusetts, our electricians are used to handling all type of electrical systems and services. We also have our share of older homes, and with older homes come aging electrical systems. An expert upgrade provided by a trustworthy electrical contractor can offer your home various benefits.

If you’ve experienced issues with your electrical system recently, or even if your electrical system is functioning fine but depends on older technology, it could be time to seriously consider an electrical panel upgrade/ replacement. But what are the benefits of such an upgrade? We’ve shared a few advantages below.

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Is It Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Monday, April 25th, 2016

For the average homeowner, electrical panels are not very well understood. Since the job of an electrical panel is to deliver electricity, the common assumption is that if you need more electricity to support your household, you should just be able to add more circuits. This is incorrect, though.

This is only part of your electrical panel’s job. It also acts as a safety device, channeling the electrical flow into circuits so your home gets the amount of electricity that’s allowed by the panel. If your home doesn’t have enough electricity, then it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel, but how do you know when this time has come?

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