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You’re Still Using Your Ceiling Fans, Right?

Monday, December 21st, 2015

We are definitely getting into the meat of the winter season, even if the outdoor temperatures do not seem to be supporting this fact. While our winter is certainly off to a mild start—which is perfectly welcome, after the events of late winter last year—it is still not exactly comfortable out there, especially during the night. You may not be running your heater constantly, but you surely are switching it on with some regularity. If so, remember to use your ceiling fans in Needham, MA in conjunction with your heater. You shouldn’t just forget about them once the heat of summer passes. Read on, and remember to schedule your ceiling fan services with FB Electrical Services Inc.

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Using Your Ceiling Fan Effectively

Monday, September 7th, 2015

For some reason, many homeowners think that ceiling fans are more about fashion than function, or that they are an outdated method of keeping one’s home cool . This could not be further from the truth; when used properly, your ceiling fan can be a powerful ally in your quest for great comfort within your home. Consider the following information, and schedule your ceiling fan services in Boston, MA with a member of our staff. That way, you can be certain that your ceiling fan is not only of a high quality, but that the installation of that fan is completed flawlessly as well. When it comes to cooling your home more effectively and efficiently, FB Electrical Services Inc. is the company that you want in your corner.

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Why You Should Consider a Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Whether you own and operate a whole house heating and cooling system or get by on portable cooling units during the summer, it’s important that you take full advantage of every technology available to make your home a more comfortable and efficient place. You may think that owning a central air unit or furnace means that a ceiling fan is a bit superfluous, and you certainly couldn’t rely on a fan alone to provide sufficient heating and cooling throughout your home’s living space.

But there are some excellent reasons to consider a ceiling fan or several for your home. In today’s post, we’d like to take a look at some of the benefits of ceiling fans so that you can make an informed decision. Our electricians are always happy to have chat about what your home needs to make it more comfortable and convenient.

  • Energy efficiency. During the summer, we feel cooler when there our indoor air circulates throughout the home. We all know this. A ceiling fan allows you to adjust your thermostat accordingly so that you can thereby cut down on the amount of energy that your AC uses on a daily basis. The same goes for the winter. By sending your heated air around your living space, you can thereby lower the thermostat by a few degrees. This can lead to a substantial amount of energy savings in the long term. With a simple reversal of the fan’s motion, you can boost your home’s efficiency.
  • Air circulation and comfort. Cool air has a tendency to remain at the bottom of a room. While this may be good news for our feet when it comes to staying cool during hot days, you may find that the top of a given room in your home is much hotter than it should be. If that’s the case in your home, then a ceiling fan can circulate your cooled air throughout your living space to improve your comfort. During the winter, when your heated air stays at the top of the ceiling, it pulls down that air in order to evenly heat your indoor space.

Your ceiling fans should be appropriately sized for your indoor space. We can make sure that this is the case. Call us today to schedule service.


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