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Consider Radiant Heating for Your Home

a family home in the suburbs on a sunny winter day.It’s that time of year. You know, the time of year where we begin to prepare for cold weather. With fall officially here, temperatures are beginning to cool down and you’ve likely started preparing your home for this as well, by protecting your pipes from freezing, ensuring your heating system is ready for the cold, maintaining other home components, and more. One thing you might not have considered yet, however, is the installation of a radiant heating system.

Before we go any further, we want to stress how important it is that when you do choose to have such a system installed, you only hire a professional Waltham, MA electrician for the job. Hiring an amateur can lead to costly mistakes, and even injuries that you could be held liable for.

When we talk about radiant heating, we aren’t just talking about a heating system to keep you warm, though there is an effective radiant heating system for that, but rather ways to protect the exterior of your home during our long and cold winters. Keep reading to learn more!

Heated Driveways

Have you ever thought about the hazard that snow and ice presents when present on your driveway? You likely shovel every day, but slippery pavement and driveways don’t go away in the winter, nor do they stay away. That is, unless you have a heated driveway.

A radiant heated driveway eliminates this risk and can prevent accidents, helping you avoid any potential lawsuits that could arise if a visitor were to be injured on your property. This type of snow melting system can be used to keep your whole driveway free of snow and ice, or you can even target a portion of your driveway or walkway. The heated driveway mentioned above is a type of snow melting system. Snow melting systems keep your property safe for you, your family, and any guests visiting your home.

Roof De-Icing Cables

Another type of snow melting system is roof de-icing cables. These are vital to protecting your home during our long and cold winters. The buildup of ice and snow on you roof adds weight to it that it is not designed to handle. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against inclement weather—but can only take so much pressure.

The ice and snow that develops on your roof creates what’s called ice dams as it melts and refreezes, creating a blockage and gutter ice. Gutter ice can cause your gutters to become too heavy and rip away from your home. This means that you’ll have to repair and/or replace your gutters, and you’ll also likely be dealing with property damage that could have been prevented.

Snow melting systems are the solution to any problem you may have with ice and snow build up surrounding your property. Ice from your driveway melts and runs off into the street why ice that melts from your roof simply drains into your gutters.

Contact FB Electrical Services Inc. to learn more about our snow melting systems, and reach out to us for all of your electrical services.

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