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Tips for Keeping Your Retail Business Safe

Portrait of a diverse group of casually-dressed employees standing togetherThere are so many considerations to make when starting a retail business, or running one. Is your space in a highly trafficked area? Do you have the right licenses and certifications in place to conduct business in your city? How many employees will you need? How will you pay them?

It’s enough to leave your head spinning. But as detailed as you have to be, it’s easy to unintentionally minimize the importance of business security.

Factors such as burglary or fire damage are very real threats to any type of business, big or small. This is why it’s important to have an expertly designed security system installed by professional electricians in Lexington, MA, such as the pros you’ll find here on our team. What other steps can you take to ensure your retail business is as safe as possible?

Create a Well Lit Environment

One of the best ways to discourage theft is by having an open and well illuminated store. We mean on the inside as well as the outside—this can make thieves feel nervous, as though they will be easily caught. Therefore, they’ll be less likely to target your property.

Protect Your Valuables with Alarms and Safes

Let’s face it, if you run a retail business, everything in your store is valuable! This is why having a solid alarm system in place is so important. Alarms are just one part of our comprehensive business security systems and can help alert you and emergency services to a problem right away. Having secured safes for money as well is another important addition to business safety.

Get the Right Staff

You can’t underestimate the power of getting the right staff in place. While integrity can never be 100% guaranteed, background checks are extremely helpful in ensuring you aren’t hiring someone who has been dishonest before. Studies have shown that one of the biggest threats to a company is employee fraud and theft. It’s an unsettling thought, but one that’s imperative to be aware of.

Prevent Fire Risks with Store Layout

Does your retail business sell clothes? Are those clothes made with flammable material? Then don’t place them right next to heat producing lighting. This, of course, isn’t the only way a fire can start in a retail business—electrical fires can occur if your commercial wiring hasn’t been maintained and inspected over the years—but it is certainly a risk!

Install Durable Locks and Lock up Doors and Windows

This may seem apparent, but it’s important to reiterate nonetheless. After a long day, it can be easy for employees to miss locking a door, or forget to double check that the windows are locked, if your business has windows. It’s also important that you invest in durable locks, and perhaps even consider smart technology so that you can lock up remotely if you’ve forgotten to do so before you left the building.

Comprehensive Business Security Solutions

We’ve talked about retail businesses above, but our security solutions encompass all types of business, from kitchens to office spaces. If you are concerned about your business security or would like to know what your security options are, we are the team to call!

Contact FB Integrated Solutions Inc. today for exceptional business security solutions.

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