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What Is an ERV, and Why Use One?

Homeowners today are always on the lookout for ways in which to not only live more comfortably, but to do so in as efficient a manner as possible. If these are goals that you share with so many other homeowners, then you are in luck; it just so happens that we have a great product to recommend which can help you to achieve them. With an energy recovery ventilator in Newton, MA, can improve upon your comfort and enjoy great indoor air quality, all without sacrificing energy efficiency in the process. To learn more about energy recovery ventilators, or to schedule any indoor air quality services throughout the area, just remember that FB Electrical Services Inc. is the company to call.

How ERVs Work

An energy recovery ventilator is a mechanical ventilation device which is integrated into an HVAC system. The ERV acts as a heat exchanger, and facilitates the transfer of heat between incoming and outgoing airstreams as it ventilates a home. This means that in the winter, when you are paying to heat your home, the ERV uses the heat in the stale outgoing air in order to warm up fresh, incoming air before it ever makes its way into your home. Additionally, during the summer months, when you use your AC to cool your home, your ERV will absorb heat from the incoming air into the outgoing, low-quality air. Plus, the airstreams are allowed to mingle just enough to facilitate the transfer of humidity as well, further boosting your comfort.

The Benefits of Energy Recovery

The name kind of says it all in this case: recovering energy as you condition air throughout your home allows you to live in great comfort without putting the energy that you’ve paid for to waste. Using an ERV means that your home is sufficiently ventilated, so that you can breathe fresh air of a high quality without having to strain your HVAC system as a result. To learn more or to take advantage of an ERV in your home, just give us a ring.

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