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Signs that You Need a Humidifier

Do you find that your home’s indoor air is extremely dry? Are you frustrated by dry skin and sore throats during the winter time? Do you need something a bit more comprehensive than the small humidifiers that you can buy at the local hardware store? If you own a central air unit/furnace combo or a heat pump, then you also have a network of ducts installed in your home. A whole house humidifier may be just what you need to ensure that your air is optimized when it comes to the humidity level. Dry air can disrupt your comfort and aggravate health issues.

While it can be difficult to determine with certainty whether you would benefit from a humidifier without first having assessed your indoor air quality, there are some common signs to look out for. These may give you a sense of urgency when it comes to improving your indoor air quality with a whole house humidifier.

  • Dry skin. Low humidity levels can really dry out your skin, especially during the winter. If you own a furnace, then you know how dry your indoor air can get considering the manner in which it is heated. A whole house humidifier allows you to humidify your entire indoor space instead of just a single room. That means reducing the unpleasantness of dry skin throughout your entire home.
  • Sore throats and nosebleeds. Dry skin affects the mucus membranes and it can also lead to the prolongation of sore throats. If you find that your indoor air is stuffy and it’s slightly difficult to take a deep breath, then you could probably benefit from a whole house humidifier. Frequent nosebleeds are another symptom of low humidity.
  • Inadequate or inefficient heating. The more moisture that your wintertime indoor air has, the easier it is to keep warm. Air with low humidity can be difficult to heat because of the lack of moisture. A whole house humidifier can actually improve your comfort and efficiency by optimizing your humidity levels.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our HVAC professionals today to learn more about the benefits of a whole house humidifier. 

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