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How a UV Air Purifier Helps with Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system contains filters that keep a lot of particles out of the air in your home, provided you clean or replace the filter regularly. Unfortunately, your HVAC system may also be responsible for carrying a few contaminants into the air as well. And these contaminants can be quite harmful—biological contaminants living on the indoor air handler components have been known to cause illness or aggravate respiratory problems. In this quick guide, we’ll go over how calling for indoor air quality services and choosing a UV air purifier can eliminate biological contaminants and keep the air in your home in Boston cleaner and healthier.

One of the parts of your HVAC system that is most responsible for bringing contaminants into the home is the indoor cooling coil on the air handler. As air from your HVAC system blows over this coil, moisture collects, which could help control the humidity in the room. Unfortunately, this moisture can be slow to drain, and mold, bacteria, or viruses may thrive around this area. The fan continues to blow past the coil and these contaminants are then blown through your ducts.

Ultraviolet light is a good defense against microorganisms because it can actually kill organic matter and sterilize it so that it is safe to breathe. When we step out into the light of the sun for a short time, we’re usually okay. But even a small amount of UV can destroy a microorganism like bacteria. Don’t worry; the UV light will never make its way into your home to cause any damage or harm.

This technology has been used for purification since about 1910, and is a trusted form of sterilization in hospitals, labs, and other areas where high air quality is a must. In fact, UV air purifiers can also eliminate some odors, like those from pets and cooking, which is why they are also sometimes used to create sanitary conditions for workers in sewage treatment plants.

IF a UV air purifier is not right for you, allow an indoor air quality expert to help you select an alternative type of air cleaner.

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