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What is Flood Monitoring and Why Is it Important?

When you think of home security you likely think of alarms to alert you to home invasions, or sensor lights to warn you of movement outside your property. While these are both very important components of home security, comprehensive and automated home security goes far beyond burglary monitoring systems. We can also alert you to—and protect your home from—natural elements such as flooding and extreme temperature changes with temperature and flood monitoring.

What Is Flood Monitoring?

Flood monitoring is an alarm device that is integrated into your comprehensive home security system. Flood sensors can not only activate a local alarm, but can also notify a central station that is monitoring that residential alarm 24/7.

Why Is This Important?

Flood damage is actually among the most common homeowner insurance claims, as well as one of the most expensive. A water sensor can not only detect water coming from a flood due to inclement weather, but also that from plumbing systems. In fact, there are flood sensors available that will automatically shut off your water if your pipes break open.

You can place flood sensors near all your major plumbing fixtures or even in your attic in order to detect a leaky roof. Undetected leaks, and floods, can lead to the development of mold, mildew, and other contaminants that can be harmful to your home and to your health. Additionally, flood damage can result in ruined carpets, warped wood floors and furniture, damaged cabinetry, and more.

Other areas of your home that can benefit from flood sensor placement include your basement, bathroom or laundry room. Most of these flood detectors include an external component and can operate as a temperature sensor as well. This allows them to function in cold environments.

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