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Are You Making Any of These Home Security Mistakes?

Portrait Of Excited Family Standing Outside New HomeDo you make home security a priority? Sure, you may live in a nice neighborhood where “nothing ever happens,” but it only takes one time. One break-in could leave you feeling vulnerable, and even worse it could leave you without some of your valuable belongings. Safety is, of course, a concern as well. That brings us to the first mistake we want to talk about: assuming that you don’t need a Boston, MA home security system in place.

Maybe you rely on the fact that you live in a safe, maybe even a gated, community. Or maybe you have a dog in your home and depend on them to scare an intruder away (if you have a goofy and lovable Labrador, forget about that one right now). In what other ways might you be doing your home a disservice?

By “Hiding” a Spare Key Outdoors

No matter how inconspicuous you think your hiding place is, any burglar is going to know common places used to “conceal” spare keys. Fake rocks on the front lawn, the planter by your front door, under the doormat? Those aren’t fooling anyone!

But what if losing your keys is a fairly common occurrence for you? Might we suggest instead of hiding a key, having an automated keycode installed on your door? For smartphone users, there are even options to lock and unlock your door with a phone, which people seem to lose a lot less than they do their keys these days!

By Not Securing Storage Sheds and Garages

Chances are if you aren’t home, neither is your car. You typically store a lot more than just your car in your garage, and leaving this space unsecured is one of the biggest home security mistakes people make. Garages often are home to expensive tools, which are specifically targeted by burglars.

And storage sheds are often used to store bikes and yard tools, which are other high-demand items for thieves, who can resell your valuable property for a profit.

By Keeping Upstairs Windows and Balconies Unsecured

Why would you need to bother locking second-story windows or sliding glass doors? It’s not like a burglar is going to draw attention to themselves by approaching your home with a huge extension ladder, right? Well, no… but experienced thieves—yes, they exist—have found ways to enter homes in ingenious ways, such as using a deck to hoist themselves up or even climbing up secured drain pipes.

By Leaving Your Home Security System Unarmed

Alright, it’s true that having a sign indicating your home is armed is sometimes enough to deter a burglar, but they may check otherwise. Or, they may not see the sign. Arming your security system should be a habit for all occupants of a household.

Another tip along with this is to be sure to use non-obvious codes for all code-entries (for instance, using “1234” to open your garage probably isn’t the greatest strategy).

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