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Don’t Leave Your Home Vulnerable this Holiday Season!

Elegant ornate porch light glowing by front door, welcoming inviting sceneIt’s that time of year again! Okay, not quite yet, but chances are that if you plan to go anywhere on vacation this holiday season, or say, do any shopping, you’re probably budgeting and planning right about now. One thing too few homeowners think about, however, is the safety of their home while they’re gone.

Naturally, you want to do all that you can in order to decrease your risk of burglary or vandalism. The first step is to have a security system professionally installed. We’ve shared some information below, as well as additional tips to keep your home safe this holiday season.

Give Your Home the Ability to Immediately Respond to Threats

Obviously, most homeowners want to prevent burglars from even attempting to enter their home in the first place. But in the event that this does happen, it’s going to help you tremendously to have a quality home security system in place.

Older security systems are often connected through phone lines, and are vulnerable to a number of problems, making them unreliable as a result. What you need is a modern security system, hardwired into your electrical system and integrated with your home automation system.

Check in On Your Home While You’re Away

Let’s face it, the holiday season is a hard time to find a house-sitter, let alone a neighbor who can check in on your home. Well the good news is, you can check in on your home, even from miles away. Smart phone and smart home technology both now allow you to get updates and alert about anything amiss with your home while you’re gone. You can ensure your windows and doors are closed and locked, plus you can check for any suspicious activity around your home.

Preventing Problems this Holiday Season

While having the right systems in place is certainly important, we encourage you to do all you can to deter a burglar from even trying to target your home. They’re less likely to do so with a home that looks occupied. This means closing your blinds, keeping a few lights on a timer, and stopping your mail (or allowing for a trusted neighbor to retrieve it). Here are some other preventive measures you can take:

Don’t Post You’re Away on Social Media

Individuals are often excited to share their travel plans on social media—when they’re going on vacation, when they’re out shopping, gifts they’re going to be buying, etc. The problem with this is that it allows just about anyone to case the home and figure out what they can get and when they can break in. Don’t trust privacy settings on social media to fully protect your home.

Don’t Make Gifts Visible

A beautifully decorated tree in a living room window is aesthetically pleasing for sure. But when you have a lot of gifts gathered underneath, and you aren’t home, you could be leaving your home open to risks. This also goes for leaving boxes exposed after those gifts have been open—don’t announce to the world that someone in your household just got a huge flat screen TV.

FB Integrated Solutions Inc. is your resource for quality Boston, MA security systems and services. For more great tips and to see what we have in store, contact us today!

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