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How Can Zone Control Save You Money on Heating?

If you’ve been trying to save a little bit of money on your heating bills, shutting off the heater every day for a short while certainly isn’t the most comfortable way to do so. If you feel you’re running out of ways to save a few bucks on your heating bills, you might consider installing a zone control system. A zone control system involves investing in an initial installation, but the results for your comfort and for your bills should very well be worth it. Zone control allows you and your family members to control the level of heating in one area of the home individually from the others, for maximum comfort and savings.

A zone control system involves the installation of dampers throughout the ductwork. These dampers are installed in different areas, or zones, of the home—in as many places as you would like to vary the temperature. Each damper is wired to its own thermostat, and they also all connect to one master thermostat capable of controlling all of the dampers at once. When you raise or lower the temperature in a particular zone, the damper that leads to that area opens or closes to allow more or less airflow.

This is only a job for a professional as it involves knowledge of duct design and the proper methods of dismantling the ducts and sealing them to protect against leaks. But once you get a new zone control system, you’ll notice the benefits right away. If there is an area of the home that goes unoccupied throughout the day or night, you can shut off the heat in that area only to save on your utilities.

You can also use zone control to adjust the heating throughout a house with multiple floors or a unique architectural design or feature that makes even heating difficult. Sometimes, the way your home is designed makes it difficult for heat to distribute evenly in every room. But with zone control, you can make sure that each area is the same with separate thermostats that ensure that room is heated to the desired temperature. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to hear the people in your home bicker about the temperature in the house when they can control their own area individually, and you get zone cooling in the summer as well for year-long savings.

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