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Follow These Smart Home Automation Safety Tips

Home automation allows homeowners throughout the country to live with far more conveniences than ever before. In addition to being able to remotely control the comfort of your home, you can also make your home safer with security automation. Smart home security automation has numerous benefits and can incorporate a number of options into its design.

However, if you don’t understand how to utilize these features you may not be using your system safely or at least to the best of its ability. To ensure that you are getting the most from your home automation security system, be sure to consider the following tips.

Set Up “No Show” Alerts

Are you going on vacation and leaving a pet behind? Naturally, you want a pet sitter you can rely on. However, what if an emergency occurs or they are late? Be alerted by setting up a no-show alert so that you’ll be notified by phone or mobile device if they don’t show up. This is also a good idea to set up if you are home and there is a solicitor or sales person at your door that did not have a previous appointment.

“Sensor Left Open” Alerts

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s easy to forget that you’ve left a window open. With contact sensors added to your window, paired up with the Sensor Left Open alert, you’ll be notified if they are left ajar at night or when your home is unoccupied.

Control Your Home with Your Voice

With the integrated Amazon Echo, you can arm your system and manage all connected devices simply by stating a command aloud. You just need to invest in the Amazon Echo, and then download the Skill Alexa app on your mobile phone to start using this excellent feature.

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