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The Benefits of Choosing Radiant Heating in Watertown

Radiant heating is a popular heating choice with homeowners. There are a few types of radiant heating available, giving you some options as to how you heat your home using a radiant system. Both types offer benefits for your home, as we’ll discuss below, but you won’t gain any benefit from poor installation of your system. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to hire professionals to install your radiant system in Watertown. The experts at FB Electrical Services can handle every kind of heating installation, including radiant systems, so call us today!

Types of Radiant Heating

The types of radiant heating can be categorized by how they heat and their placement. Let’s start with flooring:

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

With a hydronic radiant floor system, flexible PEX tubing is placed underneath your flooring. Hot water or steam flows through the tubing, so you must have a boiler to install hydronic radiant floor heating.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

There are 3 ways to install electric radiant floor heating. One way is known as a “wet” installation, where electric cable is placed in wet cement. This enables the cement to become a radiant slab once it hardens. A second way is to lay the electrical cable directly onto subflooring in a specific pattern. Lastly, electrically-conductive plastic mats can be installed onto subflooring. These mats have electric cable woven in between the plastic that heats the mat and your flooring.

Radiant Panels

Radiant panels can be installed into walls and ceilings. Hot water or electric cables can be used, but due to the possibility of leaking, electric cables are used more often. Radiant panels heat quickly, but they have very low heat capacity.

Benefits a Radiant System Offers

  • Quiet, comfortable heating – radiant systems are basically silent, with the exception of the firing of your boiler. The heat is gradual and even as compared to the forced air of a furnace.
  • Easily zoned – the layout and functioning of radiant systems make them very easy to zone, which provides a level of customized comfort.
  • Good for allergy sufferers – there is no blowing air with a radiant system, so there is no swirling dust that can agitate allergies.

Radiant systems can be a great heating option for your home, but proper installation is key.

If you are looking for experts to handle the installation of your radiant system, look no further than FB Electrical Services. Contact us today!

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