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The Benefits of Choosing Ductless Heating in Waltham

There are a lot of older homes in Massachusetts, and choosing a heating system that can offer effective, efficient heating can sometimes be challenging. One option to consider is a ductless heating system in Waltham. Ductless systems use heat pump technology to heat, so that means that they also offer cooling, which can be of great benefit. As with any whole-home heating system installation, it’s important to hire trained professionals. FB Electrical Services has served multiple customers throughout the eastern Massachusetts area, and we can help you with all of your heating needs, so call us today!

How Do a Ductless Mini Splits Provide Heat?

A ductless system offer whole-home heating by using heat pump technology.  Heat pump technology allows the system to provide both heating and cooling by utilizing an important component: a reversing valve. This valve can change the way refrigerant flows, which is how the system can switch from heating to cooling and back again. The outdoor unit houses the condenser, compressor and heat pump mechanics, and indoor blowers deliver the warm air. The indoor blowers operate separately, and can be mounted against walls or hung from ceilings. The indoor blowers connect to the outdoor unit via a small conduit placed into an exterior wall. The conduit holds the condensate pipe, a power cord and the refrigerant line that runs between the indoor unit(s) and outdoor unit. Up to 4 indoor blowers can be connected to a single outdoor unit.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Heating System?

As stated above, a ductless system can offer you both heating and cooling. But here are some other benefits that are also important:

  • Customized comfort – because the indoor blowers work independently, they can offer zone control heating. This can maximize your comfort levels room to room.
  • Better energy efficiency – with a ductless system, you use only the amount of heating you need to use; this can help reduce your energy usage.
  • Easy installation – there’s no need to install ductwork with a ductless system. The technicians will install the outdoor unit, mount the indoor blowers and connect the blowers to the outdoor unit. The installation is very straightforward.

A ductless heating system in Waltham can help keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer – all with one convenient system. Interested to find out what a ductless system can do for you?

Call FB Electrical Services today and schedule an appointment with one of our ductless heating installation specialists.

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