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Repairs You May Need for a Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating systems do not have a lot of moving parts, so it they aren’t as prone to breakdown as other systems can be. However, this doesn’t mean that you may not have to repair your radiant heating system. The type of radiant heating system you have – hydronic or electric – helps determine what kind of radiant heat repairs you may need. As with any kind of heating system, it’s always best to hire trained experts for repair. If you are experiencing problems with your radiant system in Brookline, MA, call for an FB Electrical Services expert today!

Electrical Radiant Repairs

Electrical radiant systems use electric cable to heat. The cable can be set into cement, installed to subflooring or be part of an electrically-conductive plastic mat that is installed to subflooring. A couple of common problems that can develop with electric radiant heating are:

  • Uneven heating – should part of the cable become damage, corrode or fray, it won’t heat. This is evident by areas of the floor that aren’t warm. Usually the cable will have to be replaced, so it’s important to call an expert for help.
  • Tripping breaker – your electric radiant heating will have its own circuit breaker in your home’s electrical box. Breakers trip for a few reasons: sometimes they are faulty, and they can also be too big or too small. If the breaker hasn’t been properly sized for your radiant heating, it will need to be replaced by one that is the right size.

Hydronic Radiant Heating

Hydronic radiant systems use hot water or steam to heat your home. The hot water is provided by a boiler and the water or steam travels through flexible tubing that can be set in cement or installed directly to subflooring. Common problems that can develop with hydronic radiant heating are:

  • Flooring gets too hot – while to some people this may not seem like a problem, it can be for your flooring. Hydronic systems are equipped with a valve called a mixing valve that keeps the water inside the tubing from being too hot or cold during the heating process; should this valve malfunction, you may have very hot floors, which, if left unattended, can damage your flooring.
  • Leaks – the most common reason hydronic heating develops a leak is from damage. Nails and other sharp objects can puncture the PEX tubing, creating a hole through which water can leak. Leaks can cause serious water damage, so if you detect a leak with your hydronic radiant system, call for help right away.

Radiant systems in Brookline, MA give a comfortable heat and allow you to walk barefoot in your home on the coldest of days. If you are experiencing a problem with your radiant heat, call us today!

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