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Is a Furnace a Good Heating Option for My New Home?

It depends on your individual circumstances, but the answer is very likely “yes.” Furnaces are the most common form of home heating in the country, and for good reason. There is a very wide variety of different furnace types available, each suited to a different environment. They are relatively easy to install and repair, and almost every HVAC company you encounter will have technicians who can service them. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that furnaces provide over other heating systems, and whether one would be a good fit for your needs.

Furnaces are Versatile

Furnaces can be found in any home in any geographical location in the country. Part of the reason for this is that they can cope with virtually any environment. A properly sized furnace can keep a home warm whether it’s a bit chilly outside or it’s several degrees below zero. This is due to the most common fuel source for furnaces: natural gas. When natural gas burns, it puts out an incredible amount of heat compared to the amount of fuel consumed. A natural gas furnace is more than capable of keeping up with the heating demands of any home.

Natural gas isn’t available in every location, however. Usually, a gas line has to be installed by the city in order for a gas-powered furnace to operate. That’s no problem, however, as furnaces can use many different kinds of fuel to provide heat. Electric furnaces are becoming more popular, as they can work anywhere that electricity is readily available. Though electric furnaces are not quite as efficient as natural gas furnaces, they are still able to provide for any heating needs.

Furnaces are Everywhere

It may seem like circular reasoning, but furnaces are a popular choice precisely because they are so common. If a part of the furnace breaks, a replacement can usually be easily found or ordered. Some other heat systems are so specialized that it takes weeks to get a replacement part. HVAC companies make sure that they can service furnaces, because they are often the most common heating systems in the area. If you install a furnace, you can be sure that anything you need for it will be much easier to obtain than with other systems.

If you’d like to install a new furnace, call FB Electrical Services. We service furnaces throughout the Boston, MA area.

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