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Furnace Heat Exchangers: What Happens When Something Goes Wrong

Gas-powered furnaces are extremely efficient and reliable sources of heat. Some homeowners worry about the safety of these appliances, but the truth is that today’s are built with much better technology that significantly reduces the risk of gas leaks and similar problems. However, one component of your furnace that you do need to be aware of is the heat exchanger. Cracks along this component are a concern and require the immediate attention of a professional, such as any member of our team.

What Does a Heat Exchanger Do?

The heat exchanger’s role is to collect the hot combustion gas from the burner and transfer the heat to its metal walls, where it transfers to the current of air from the blower. This keeps fumes from the combustion gas away from the air that moves into the ventilation system, reducing your exposure to said fumes. Once the combustion gas cools, then it vents out of the heat exchange and safely up the exhaust flue, and out of your home.

How Does It Become Cracked?

Gas furnaces do not use water, but corrosion and rust can still occur. This is because they are a natural reaction between metal and combustion gas. When corrosion begins to form on an aging furnace, it’s usually a sign that it’s time to start thinking about a replacement. However, if your furnace is on the newer side, then you could have a problem with proper exhaust venting, which can cause corrosion on the exchanger—weakening it until it cracks.

Prompt Repairs are Necessary

What happens when your heat exchanger cracks? Well, it will start to leak combustion gas into the furnace cabinet, and this is where the danger lies when using a gas furnace. Carbon monoxide gas has a high toxicity and potential to make you and your family very ill. To be on the safe side, if you see any signs of corrosion on your furnace whatsoever, it is best to call in our professionals for inspection.

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