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Benefits of Zone Heating in Boston

Central forced air heating is by far the most popular kind of home heating system in the country. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s without its issues. Central forced air heating often relies on a single thermostat, which is normally installed close to the center of the home. Due to the differences in room cooling rates, and the fact that the thermostat can only measure the area directly around itself, this can lead to very uneven heating across the house. Central heating is also incapable of heating just one or two rooms of the house, which leads to wasting a lot of energy on areas that aren’t even occupied. Zone heating solves for these problems, making your heating system more efficient and comfortable. Let’s take a look at how zone heating works, and why you may want to install it.

What is Zone Heating?

Zone heating, also called zone control heating, is a system of dampers installed in the ductwork of your home. The dampers are basically large valves that can open and shut to direct air flow. A damper is installed at each room junction, effectively splitting the house into a number of isolated zones. A thermostat is installed in each room with a damper, allowing that room total control over the air flow into it.

What are the Advantages of Zone Heating?

Zone heating is often installed to remedy the two problems mentioned above. Normal central air heating is inaccurate in which rooms it heats, so zone heating isolates each room to allow precise control over their climates. Central air heating causes a lot of uneven hot and cold spots, due to its reliance on a single thermostat. Zone heating compensates for this by installing many thermostats, ensuring that each room can be set to the comfort level of whoever occupies it.

By solving these two issues, zone heating saves energy and makes the rooms in your home more comfortable to be in.

If you’re interested in installing a zone heating system in your home, call FB Electrical Services. We provide zone heating services throughout the Boston area.

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