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3 Common Boiler Repairs

Boiler operated heating systems vary quite a bit from forced air systems like furnaces. Though there are some common issues that the two systems share, this also created a number of problems that are unique to boiler systems. Let’s take a look at some of the common repairs that boilers require.


Short-cycling is a common problem characterized by your unit turning on and off constantly. The most common cause of this is an oversized unit. If your boiler is too large for the size of your house, it creates a whole host of issues for your heating system. When your oversized boiler turns on, the excessive heat output causes the system to think it’s overheating. This causes it to turn the boiler off for safety reasons. The thermostat then tells it to turn back on, because the house is still too cold, and the cycle continues indefinitely. Call your HVAC technician if your boiler is experiencing short-cycling.


Kettling is a unique issue to boilers in which the boiler will be very noisy during operation. Banging, gurgling, whistling, and other noises while the heat is on is characteristic of kettling. This is caused by the flow of water becoming restricted. This traps too much water in the boiler, where it begins to steam. This causes expansion and an increase in pressure on the boiler, which causes the noise. The common source of this restricted water flow is lime deposits in the boiler. If your boiler is making loud noises during operation, call an HVAC technician.

Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

Everyone’s pilot light goes out on occasion. If you find that your pilot light is frequently going out, however, you may have a problem. This is usually caused by a bad thermocouple. The thermocouple is essentially a heat sensor that is designed to detect whether or not a pilot light is on. Normally, the thermocouple shuts off the flow of gas if the pilot light goes out. This is to prevent gas from flooding the area around your boiler. If the thermocouple is broken, however, it will shut the gas off even when the pilot light is on. This suffocates the pilot light. You’ll need an HVAC technician to diagnose and repair this issue.

If your boiler is acting up, call FB Electrical Services. We conduct heating repair throughout the Brighton area.

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