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Why Install a Whole House Generator?

Until very recently, owning a home generator was nearly unthinkable, as generators were only in use in buildings where a power outage could be detrimental on a large scale such as at hospitals and data centers. But now, portable and whole house generators are available for installation in nearly any home. Portable generators can power a handful of appliances at once, but a whole house generator connects to your home’s electrical wiring, detecting at once when the power has shut off and switching on in a matter of seconds. If you’re unsure of whether a generator would be of benefit to your household, check out some of our top ways whole-house generators benefit homeowners in Wellesley, MA.

Many Homeowners Rely on a Steady Power Source

In some cases, electricity is necessary for members of the household to go on with their routine. Having an electrical backup source is a matter of life or death if family members rely on home medical equipment to keep them alive. But in other cases, going without electricity can be a health and safety risk or it can have a negative impact on a career. For people who work from home or own businesses, going without a computer for hours at a time may end up hurting their company. Other homeowners simply worry about children or household members with disabilities who may risk injury without any lighting in the house.

Power Outages Cost a Lot of Money

And if you don’t think you’d be too inconvenienced in case of a major power outage, consider the potential expenses that could result from an extended outage. Power outages cost homeowners in the U.S. billions of dollars every year.

  • Spoiled Food: When your refrigerator is suddenly out of commission, you may end up replacing hundreds of dollars’ worth of food.
  • Flooded Basement: If you rely on an electrical sump pump to prevent flooding, you may end up spending thousands making renovations and removing mold.
  • Alternative Shelter: You may be unable to use your heating and AC equipment overnight during a power outage, which sometimes necessitates spending hundreds on hotel stays.

At FB Electrical Services, we recommend whole house generators for most homes in Wellesley, MA, and offer professional installation and friendly advice. Call us today!

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