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Throw a Better Tailgating Party with a Portable Generator

It is obvious that we enjoy our hometown sports here in Boston. As much fun as it may be to head down to Gillette Stadium for training camp, though, much of the fun to be had is that which is confined to the parking lot. Sporting events and tailgating go together intrinsically, as does the time leading up to a big concert. If you are serious about tailgating, and you really want to provide your group with a great time, then you need more than a small grill and a radio. Take your tailgating game up a notch by investing in a good portable generator in Boston, MA. To learn more about your portable generator options, contact the team here at FB Electrical Services Inc.

Choosing Your Portable Generator

There are a lot of different portable generators on the market today, and you really want to know that you are investing in the right make and model for your needs. No, a portable generator is not an investment on the scale of a whole-house generator. However, that doesn’t mean that you want to waste money on power that you won’t need, or that it is OK to have an underpowered generator compromising your good time. That is why you should keep a few points of consideration in mind.

Fuel Type

With a portable generator, you may choose from a few different fuel sources. Natural gas is out of the question, of course, but gasoline, propane, and diesel are all viable options. Do some research, as all offer pros and cons. Gasoline is readily available, for instance, but has a short shelf life and fluctuating prices. Propane is readily available as well, but some people may not want pressurized cans of fuel laying around. Diesel is another option to consider, though typically a bit more expensive than gasoline. Diesel engines require little in the way of maintenance and repairs, though.


The whole point of having a generator is to power any tools, appliances, and electronics that you may want to put into use at your tailgating event. If your generator is not of the right size for the job, then you will have to make compromises or potentially use alternate power sources, such as your car battery. Make sure that you are choosing a portable generator powerful enough to handle the demand that you have in mind.

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