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The Importance of Standby Generator Installation

Summer is not typically a season we need to worry very much about huge power outages. However, this is a good time of the year to consider what your generator needs are, before you actually do need it in the winter time. Homeowners in the Midwest are subjected to cold weather and winter storms on a yearly basis, which is made worse when severe weather knocks the power out.

Many homeowners might rely on a portable generator, but this might actually be insufficient for all the needs of your home. Additionally, they only function for a limited amount of time. For this reason, we highly recommend the installation of a whole-house standby generator.

Why Is a Whole-House Generator so Important?

Comfort: When winter does roll around again next year, you’ll want a reliable heating system. But most heaters won’t function with a complete loss of power—not even natural gas heaters as most require an electrical ignition these days. Huge power outages typically happen during extremely cold weather. The right standby generator can make sure that your heater is able to do its job, keeping you and your family warm.

Safety: Does anyone in your home rely on electrically powered devices for some type of medical condition? If so, it’s essential to have an effective standby generator. Should you need electricity for any medical reasons, it’s time to inquire about a whole-house standby generator.

Portable Generators are Insufficient: As we mentioned briefly above, portable generators are often insufficient for all the needs of your home. This type of system can be fine for a small camping trip, or even to keep in your car in case of emergency. But they are not designed to power an entire home, and won’t last long enough if you try to use it for such purposes.

Peace of Mind: This is perhaps the biggest benefit of having a standby generator installed. Even if you never face a significant power outage in your home, you’ll always know that you are prepared should one occur.

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