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How Would Your Home Stand Up in a Storm?

generator being worked on by three techniciansWe’re not talking about the actual physical foundation and walls of our house when we ask this question, but rather your electrical system. How can you ensure that you’ll have power to the important systems and appliances in your home should a powerful storm come through?

In addition to making sure your heating system is well maintained for the winter season well on its way, we urge you to consider an electrical appliance that you never really think much about—until you need it. That’s your generator! So when you call to schedule your heating maintenance appointment, go ahead and arrange for Andover, MA generator maintenance, too.

Why Is My Generator So Important?

Your generator serves as a back-up system, working as insurance against one of the most uncomfortable and inconvenient—sometimes downright dangerous—problems your home can encounter during the winter season—a massive power outage.

When your generator is professionally installed, it will supply your home with the amount of electrical voltage you need to run the most important systems and equipment in the living space. This means your lights and heating system—even a gas-powered system needs electricity to run—in addition to any essential medical equipment and devices someone in your home might need.

Scheduling Generator Maintenance

Like we said above, generators are often taken for granted. Just the way a heating system can fail at some point, a generator can fall victim to mechanical or electrical problems. If you can’t rely on your generator to provide electricity to your home when you need it, then it’s not doing you much good. After all, part of the reason you have a generator is to bring you a peace of mind during winter—if the power goes out, you have backup.

Generator maintenance scheduled on an annual basis is designed to keep your confidence up in regards to this system. You typically won’t need a generator every season (in fact in the best case scenario, this is a system you’ll rarely, if ever need to work!) and therefore it’s hard to spot problems with it. But connections can begin to corrode, motors can pick up dust, and the fuel supply can turn stale.

These are all issues that our professional technicians will look for during maintenance, so they can be corrected before the generator has to be used. During your maintenance appointment, our technicians will replace stale fuel, thoroughly clean the motors, tighten connections, lubricate moving parts and do whatever else is needed to ensure your system will work at its best.

If your generator is an older system, a technician might advise you to consider a new generator installation. However, we’ll typically only recommend this if your generator has a problem that cannot be repaired and the generator is at a major risk of failing on you in the middle of winter.

If we discover during maintenance that your generator needs repair, then we will let you know right away during maintenance, so that you can arrange for that right away. We want to ensure that you’ll be ready to take on whatever surprises winter has in store for your home’s electrical system.

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