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How Can a Generator Help You Stay Safe?

technicians installing generatorWinter may still be a ways off, but temperatures have already dropped to the point that you’ve likely already started prepping your home for the season. Hopefully, this included having your heating system maintained, and making sure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning. On that note, it’s typically recommended that you test your detectors twice a year, and a good way to remember when to do it is when the time changes.

What else can you do to prepare, and make sure your home stays safe this winter? Well, if you don’t already have one, you can have a whole-house generator installed by professional electricians in Winchester, MA.

Whole-House Generator Facts

A whole-house generator is a much larger piece of equipment than the portable generators you are probably more familiar with. The whole-house system is installed outside your home and is permanently wired into the electrical system. Additionally, unlike a portable generator, a whole-house generator doesn’t rely on gasoline to provide power. Rather, the generator has its own natural gas line running to it. This ensures that the generator always has the ability to provide power.

Amongst the most popular type of whole-house generator is the automatic standby generator. This system monitors the amount of electrical power running through the home’s electrical system at all times, and when the power goes out, the generator activates automatically and starts supplying power to the system. When the power comes back on again, the generator shuts itself off.

So, How Does This Keep You Safe?

Well for one, if you have an extended power outage on one of the coldest days of the years, you’re going to need your heater! If you have no way to power that heater, you can be in trouble. Keep in mind, too, that even gas-powered heating system use an electrical ignition to start.

Whole-house generators provide more than enough power to keep not only your heater running, but your entire house. Portable generators, on the other hand, are smaller and manual—typically meant to keep a few lights running or to provide power to your vehicle or an electric heater when you’re camping.

Whole-house generators are far more useful if you have higher power requirements, or you have certain equipment you cannot be without, such as medical equipment. With a whole-house generator, you can be sure that your power needs will be met even in the events of a large, widespread power outage.

Trust a Pro for Your Whole-House Generator Installation

We would never advise that a homeowner try to install a whole-house generator themselves, regardless of what type of generator it is. There isn’t as much danger with a portable system, but there are a number of variables that can make a whole-house system installation pretty complex.

For instances, since a whole house generator requires its own natural gas supply, this installation either requires the installation of a gas line or retrofitting an existing one. This type of job should only be handled by a professional, and in fact, it is the law that the technician working on your gas lines be certified and licensed to do so.

The generator system itself is also very large and heavy, which requires the effort of multiple people to install it. If you don’t have the training or experience with such an installation, you may end up injuring yourself and even damaging the system.

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