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FAQ: Answering Your Commercial Generator Questions

One of the most devastating things that can happen to your business is an extended loss of power. Without power, you lose valuable business hours and revenue. Business interruptions of this nature are not necessary though, even if it’s the result of a strong snowstorm.

Being well-equipped with a quality commercial generator is essential to keeping your business running effectively and efficiently during a severe power outage. Understandably, you may have questions before purchasing such a system. We’ve tackled a couple of our most frequently asked below.

What Size Generator Does My Property Need?

Every commercial property is different, and therefore your needs will be different as well. Your generator will be sized on the electrical load that it will be tasked with carrying. The actual square footage of your building does not play a factor in this, as it would for an HVAC system or commercial water heater.

Your new generator must meet your specific requirements so that it’s able to do its job without accumulating undue stress on the unit or damage to the devices connected to it. Accurate sizing involves a number of factors and considerations, which our service professionals are happy to assist you with.

How Long Will My Generator Run During an Outage?

If your commercial generator is well-maintained and used properly, then it will run as long as fuel is being supplied to it. How often it needs to be refueled will depend on what type of tank you have. Some commercial generators are supplied with a 24-hour fuel tank, although 48-72 hour fuel tanks are also available.

Additionally, unless your business or commercial space deals with food that could spoil, it’s recommended that you turn your generator off during non-business hours so that the engine can cool. This is particularly helpful during long power outages as it helps your system avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

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