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Discover the Power of Fans before Summer Hits

Spinning fan closeup.Imagine this scenario: It’s the middle of summer. You’ve come home after a long day of work, walked into your house, and found that the interior space is actually hotter than the air outside. Naturally, your instinct is to turn on your air conditioner, or switch on a couple fans and open the window. Maybe you have to wait awhile to get some of that cooler outdoor air, but eventually you’ll feel comfortable, right? What if we told you there was a better way?

Well—there is! Using a high-efficiency attic fan can help you enjoy optimal comfort in your living space, while cutting back on how much you use your air conditioner. This offers you a few benefits. Be sure to get in touch with our team to reach a professional Boston electrician who has the experience and training needed to install such a system.

What Is An Attic Fan?

When you first hear of an attic fan, you may be envisioning a giant ceiling fan, similar to something you’d see in a large warehouse. This is pretty different from what an attic fan actually is, though. A whole-house attic fan is a ventilation cooling system that cools your entire home by venting hot air out of the home and bringing cool air in.

Cool air is brought into your home through open windows. The design of your attic fan will help create active cross-breezes with the windows. People in the home will notice it cooling off right away when you start running your attic fan. Another benefit is that the hot air from the attic is vented outside. That heat would otherwise be trapped up there only to radiate back down into your home.

The Attic Fan Advantage

Using a whole-house attic fan is an excellent way to cool your home effectively on both milder spring and summer days as well as sweltering days, taking some of the stress off of your air conditioner—perhaps the biggest advantage of such a system.

When the attic is extremely hot (which happens pretty easily during our summers. After all, heat rises!) that heat can radiate down into your home, through wooden beams and supports, etc. This can make the temperature in your living space rise even higher, putting unnecessary strain on your air conditioner as it tries ineffectively to cool down your home. This adds up to higher cooling costs as well as an AC system that wears down long before its time.

The use of a whole-house attic fan will help you cool your home more effectively and reduce the strain on your system.

Don’t Forget about Ceiling Fans!

Ceiling fans have the same effect as attic fans, helping to evenly distribute the air from your cooling system to make you feel cooler. Of course, they’re only advantageous if you’re in the room(s) in which the ceiling fan is being used, unlike the attic fan that is beneficial to use on any hot day. This isn’t to say that ceiling fans aren’t efficient—just that you’ll only really enjoy their benefits when you are occupying the space in which they are running.

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