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Is Your Heater Experiencing Any of These Electrical Problems?

Other parts of the country may be warming up and getting ready to use our air conditioners, but we’re still relying on our heaters to get us through more than a few chilly nights. So if yours begins to malfunction, you may start to panic. This is understandable, but know that if you’ve had your system maintained before the heating season began, it may likely not even be an issue with the system itself.

Instead, you may be in need of Newton, MA electrical wiring services for some component of your heater. Keep reading to learn more about how your heater can be impacted by electrical issues.

Failure of Heating Elements

This applies to both electrical furnaces as well as boilers. Both of these systems use heating elements—a set of coils that burn hot as a current passes through them—in order to raise the temperature of the air (furnaces) or water (boilers).

Both of these systems contain more than one heating element. Therefore, if you one fails you likely won’t lose your heat entirely, but your heater won’t be able to work as efficiently as it otherwise would.

Capacitor Trouble

If you’re utilizing a heat pump, then this is the most common electrical problem you might run into. Capacitors are cylindrical devices about the size of a soda can, responsible for sending electrical charges to the motors to start and keep them running.

Capacitors can burn out after years of use, or suffer from wiring issues, causing the heat pump to “hard start” (draining power) or quit functioning all together. You’ll need a professional to replace the damaged electrical capacitors.

Faulty or Damaged Thermostat Wiring

Even if you have a heater that runs off of natural gas, oil, propane, or geothermal power, it’s going to have an electrical thermostat controlling it. Thermostats with failing wiring will begin to malfunction, often incorrectly registering your home’s temperature or failing to accurately set the heater. If your heater is failing to reach its target temperature with no other signs of a problem, your thermostat wiring could certainly be to blame.

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