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You’re Still Using Your Ceiling Fans, Right?

We are definitely getting into the meat of the winter season, even if the outdoor temperatures do not seem to be supporting this fact. While our winter is certainly off to a mild start—which is perfectly welcome, after the events of late winter last year—it is still not exactly comfortable out there, especially during the night. You may not be running your heater constantly, but you surely are switching it on with some regularity. If so, remember to use your ceiling fans in Needham, MA in conjunction with your heater. You shouldn’t just forget about them once the heat of summer passes. Read on, and remember to schedule your ceiling fan services with FB Electrical Services Inc.

Why Use a Ceiling Fan in the Winter?

As you probably know, a ceiling fan does not actually cool the air in the summer time. What it does do, though, is to help the circulation of air throughout your home. On mild days, this can help to keep the air moving and may help you to feel a little cooler. On hot days, when you are running your air conditioner, it helps to distribute cooled air throughout your home evenly. By reversing the direction in which your ceiling fan(s) turn, you can actually make use of this dynamic during the winter season, as well.

When you heat your home with a furnace, heat pump, or any other forced air based system, the heat in the air will cause it to rise. When you set your fan(s) to the winter setting, it is able to force that heated air back down into your living space. This can help to prevent heat from gathering up near the ceiling, where it’s not really doing anyone good, as well as to prevent your thermostats from telling your heater to continue working, just because they cannot register the heat in the room successfully. This helps you to save money, and to take some strain off of your heater. Contact us to learn more.

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