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Your Smart Phone Just Got Smarter!

Nowadays, most people are walking around with what is essentially a fully functional computer in their pockets. We’re speaking, of course, about their smart phones. Whether you are a real technophile, only a casual user, or something of a Luddite, there is no denying the fact that having these devices on our persons all day long can benefit us greatly. If you are just using your smart phone to get directions or to pass the time with your favorite games, though, you are not using it to its full potential. With the integration of a home automation system in Wellesley, MA, you can start using your phone for so much more.

What Does Home Automation Mean?

A home automation system is a system custom tailored to your user preferences and living space that basically serves to make your home a more efficient and convenient place to live. As it stands now, all of the appliances and systems in your home stand alone. Your thermostat, for instance, is used to control your heating and cooling systems. Your outdoor lights may be on a timer, but your indoor lighting system must be controlled manually. When you allow us to design and install a home automation system in your residence, though, we can tie the home together neatly, and you can use an app on your smart phone to control the various systems and appliances upon which you depend so much.

Why Automate My Home?

We recommend home automation systems for a few different reasons. Chief among these are efficiency, convenience and security. When you are able to adjust the HVAC system that you forgot to turn down when you left the house from your phone, you won’t have to just let it run its course throughout the workday. When you can control your door locks and lights from your smart phone, you can ensure that your house is secure, while also granting access to your home in the event that someone without a key needs to get in and feed the family pooch for you. And don’t forget about your poor neighbor Jim, who needs to borrow your lawnmower because his broke down right before his cookout. With a home automation system, you can even let him into the garage to borrow what he needs!

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