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Why You Need GFCI Outlets in Your Home

need-GFCI-outletsDo you spend a lot of time thinking about your electrical system? Chances are, you probably don’t—and we understand. But with the increasing demands that homeowners place on these systems with the addition of high efficiency appliances and mobile devices that require charging, it’s imperative that you think about your safety, and the effectiveness of your electrical system. One way to focus on electrical safety is by investing in GFCI installation services in the Boston area.


One of the best ways to ensure that the electrical outlets throughout your living space are operating as safely as possible is by installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in the areas they are most needed. These spots include locations where you use plumbing, since the main purpose of GFCI outlets is to shut the power off if there’s a risk of electrical shock near a water source.

There’s a very high chance that you already have a couple GFCI outlets installed somewhere in your home—especially if it was built within the last couple of decades. The way you can recognize them is by their “test” and “reset” buttons. As we stated above, they can most commonly be found in areas with water sources—bathrooms and kitchens, namely. But if you have an older home with outdated wiring, you may not already have these outlets in your living space. In some scenarios, it’s possible that a homeowner would need rewiring services to allow for the installation of these outlets.

Where GFCI Outlets Should be Installed

We told you about bathrooms and kitchens—these are the most important locations for these outlets—but what other spaces will benefit from GFCI outlets? You might want to consider the installation of these outlets in your laundry room, crawlspaces, basement, utility room, and/or even your garage.

Many homeowners—particularly those with small children and pets—choose to update their entire home for safety purposes. You might also want to consider the installation of AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets, too. Unlike ground faults that can lead to electric shock, arc faults are caused by damaged wiring, and can lead to fire.

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